Friday, April 26, 2013

Putting on my dancing shoe's!

Roll out the barrel, strike up the band!   I'm putting on my dancing shoe's so I can do the happy dance!  My Old Tobacco Road top in finished!!

Old Tobacco Road

Coner's are not the same as Bonnie's
I am so excited to finally have this finished.  I started it as a mystery with Bonnie Hunter, (back in September 2008) but just wasn't feeling it until I put the flying geese unit's on.  Now it's not as bad as I thought.  It's pretty big (83" 1/2 X 100").  I will need to peice the back since I ended up using the cupcake fabric for the border, and now have a pretty big hunk of the fence fabric that I auditioned in my last post.  Thank you quiltermary over at and Mary over at you helped me see. This is a link to Old Tobacco Road if you want to try it too.
So I am off to the basement to get to work on the back.  Happy piecing to me and to you.

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Mary said...

Always glad to be a help. Sometimes we need an anothers opinion. That is one thing I miss about my daughters living away from home, they have great colour sense. My DH, not so much.

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