Sunday, November 16, 2014

Embroidery for a friend and a Little Buddy

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A Nap Mat
These two Hot Pink Nike shirts were embroidered for my friend Terri over at Quilts from the Heart. She and her dautghter ran a Half Marathon on Saturday, way to go ladies!  And Jackson's nap mat is sure to be a favorite for my little buddy at Pre School.  He play's hard and appreciates his nap time.  I also finished a couple pages for a Shape book for Sharon's Great Granddaughter.  (No picture's until the book is finished.)

Today was a cold day in the DMV, and a no sewing day so we could go to the Redskins game at FedEx field.  After that debacle...I wish I'd stayed home and sewed.  But the National Anthem and Air Force F16 fly over was the best part of the day!

We heard and saw the jet's on the big screen, but since it was so overcast I didn't think I could get a good picture so put my phone back in my pocket.  What a feeling to see those jet's soar overhead.

Tomorow is another day, and I will (hopefully) get some sewing in after work.

Happy piecing,

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