Saturday, February 11, 2012

Break in the Day

Border or no Border, that is the question?
Today was a gloomy gray day here in the Metro area.  I got up and went down to my sewing room in the basement, and finished up a backing for a baby quilt top I finished a couple years ago.  This is going to the Library with me so I can pin baste it for quilting before the quilt show and my Demo on Sunday, March 25, 2012.  I also sewed 55 quarter square units to finish up step one of Orca Bay thinking that they could be squared up at the Library after I pinned the quilt.  Well, I did pin the quilt, but after looking at the top I relized I did not put a border on the quilt top? How the heck did that happen?  Oh well does it really need a border?  On to squaring up the quarter square units.  Cutting mat, check...Rotary cutter, check...Ruler?  Ruler?  No Check, forgot ruler!  Now I am really bumbed, but life goes on.  Friends and conversation at the Library squaring up can wait till I get home.  Once home, number one son (only son) got a new car, a 350Z.  Nice! And of course I wantted a little test drive.  Now back down to the basement, and totally thinking I need to put a border on this little quilt.  Unpinning now, and looking forward to tomorrow (which is going to be the coldest day of the year here), and sewing a border on this thing.  Happy piecing!:)

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