Friday, September 9, 2016

Summers not over

I love summer. and everything about it.

Hand sewing binding on and Thursday Night Football
I also love football.  At the end of summer I always say "I don't want summer to end"!  Finally 2016 and Mother Nature agrees with me.  This first week of September summer is having a final say so!  Here on the East Coast we're having another heat wave. This has been one hot summer, and I like it. Yesterday with the start of Football the outside temps reached the mid 90's.  So off I went to DSMIL's for a dip in the pool.  

Beautiful Blue Water, and sew refreshing
Now today I'm finishing the binding on this little Autumn wall hanging out on the deck.

So once summer is over, I will gladly hang a new wall hanging fitting for pumpkin spice, and falling leaves.  Until September 21,  summers not over.

Happy sewing, happy piecing,

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