Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sewing it's what I do.

After this past summer of helping DD#1 taking care of Grandson's one and two (baby sitting is a a lost art).  Mother's today have it hard, finding good daycare providers for their little one's shouldn't be this hard. Back in the day, I had the luxury of staying home with my babies until they were in school, and my husband was in the Army, and we lived in Military Housing which was a big relief for us, and afforded me the luxury of having options.  Staying home and taking care of my children until they were all in school was a (luxury).  And I am thankful for my man and all we have accomplished.
Today's families do not have many choices, and I'm thankful that I  am a younger Nan, aka Grandma to some.  Helping my children raise their little one's is something I cherish, and am forever thankful for.
So now I can step down from my soap box...And look what this Nan can do?

Tonight I started a romper for Grandson #3
All cut out, and ready to start sewing.  I need to apply snaps to the shoulder straps, and this little cutie will be ready to wear.  The retro lions are so cute!  And who couldn't fall in love with a pre printed baby book?  Sewing does the heart good.

Romper and fabric book
A very productive evening.  Here's to sewing after a long day.  

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's small but it's a finish

Just a little handy organizer to help keep baby things at Mommy's fingertips.  Pockets to Go pattern by Atkinson Designs. I made this with left over fabric from the glider cover I talked about in my last post.  The below picture was taken here right after I finished it, the footstool was already at DD#2's house.

Covered Glider with Pillow

Pattern Directions
I've had this pattern for a couple years, and this is the first one I've made.  Surprisingly easier than I thought it would be, but DD#2 wanted to use up some of the left over fabric.  She is my moral support, and encourages me along the way to completion.  She's amazed, and trusts that I can do anything.  Hahaha! It finishes at 6" X 6" X 5 1/2' high.  I will probably make the long one too, but not sure I will use the upholstery fabric which was a little thick for such a small project.

Finished and ready to be filled
It's small but it's a finish, and I'm happy about that.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What happened to summer?

Well I am happy to report that we survived the summer of 2017, and baby sitting our adorable grandson's was never a dull moment.  We had loads of fun, a tooth fell out and the tooth fairy found it under the pillow.  We had our family vacation, and the whole family was able to make it down to the shore with us.  An 8 year old boy cousin came to join in on the fun last week for 3 nights, and four days, and the finally to summer was Grandson #3 came into our lives!  He is perfect in every way, and in between summer fun I was able to finish some of the to do list.

Covered the Glider
The glider footstool was pretty easy.  The chair on the other hand?  I really wanted it to have a skirt just like the footstool, but neither had pattern pieces, and the directions had you make your own out of muslin, and the super procrastinator in me was coming down to the wire so this is what I did.  DD#2 is happy with what her mama did, and that makes me happy.

Cozy Canopy

This cozy canopy cover fits over the carrier/car seat.  I finished this weeks ago, and it's been sitting down in the dungeon for weeks just waiting for the handles to be sewn on.  It fits...(happy dance!)

So I know what happened to summer, I'm just never ready for it to come to an end.  But now on to Autumn sewing!  

Until next time.
Happy piecing, happy sewing,


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

After the baby shower

So the baby shower was so nice for "Mommy to be", and all the friends and family who gathered together on July 15th.  I found this adorable free elephant guest sign in pictur from Pinterest and Aspen Jay Little Bit of Living. Here's a link to her website, she has some free games and this elephant in Pink, blue, or yellow.  So adorable! 
Sign a Balloon Guest Picture
Above is the before, below this an after with the addition of the signed balloon's. 

Guest signed Balloons
And then today my daughter came over and I added the baby's name with card stock and cut out letters from my Scan n Cut. I Whited out the name in the photo below, but trust me when I say it turned out so cute.  
All signed and behind glass ready for baby's room
My weeks are flying by.  I can't believe July is more than half way gone.  The last thing my daughter and I have to do before the baby arrives is make a new cover for this.

Glider needs a little facelift. 
We made some progress on it today, hope to have more pictures soon.

Until then, happy piecing, happy sewing,

Saturday, July 8, 2017


How did July just slip in without a peep?  Tomorrow, July 9th starts my official "Nan duty" mode.  I will have my boy's (Grandson's) Sunday - Friday for the rest of the summer.  I took time off at work just for the summer of fun and hanging out with the two little boy's who stole my heart a loooong time ago...We are looking forward to Six Flags season tickets thanks to Biddle Biddle Heating & AC ,  NanNan's Pool, and any and all summertime fun we can find.
But before that happen's I have been planning a baby shower for the "New baby boy in our family" to our  baby girl and her man due in August.  Another Grandson for this Nan to spoil.  We have food planned, games planned, drinks planned, and lots of friends, and loved one's coming to celebrate with us next Saturday, July 15th.  I made a banner...  

Baby Shower.  Each letter is 4 inches tall
I got the appliqué designs from Pickle Pie Designs $5 Friday's each letter in the alphabet takes about 2 minutes in the hoop.  Very easy to make.  I'm very happy with the outcome. 

Hopefully I'll get some time to blog this summer, if I don't please understand "I'm having fun with what makes me "Quilting Nan", two and soon to be three little boy's, and family fun, good times, and  Happy Days...

Happy piecing, happy sewing,


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy to report

5/16/17: Getting the job done isn't always so easy for this super procrastinator. I tell myself "I work best under pressure", but the older I get the more I don't believe my own story.  How pitiful am I?  Don't worry, I don't expect an answer.  I have some shirts I have to get finished, no more shenanigans...
Well I'm happy to report that I did indeed finish the shirts, but can't promise there weren't  any shenanigans involved.
My birthday came and went, and I did spend a weekend with our Grandson's, and this happened.

Blue Angels in Annapolis, MD
I took off a couple days in May, and one of them was the Wednesday that the Blue Angels come to the Navel Academy to preform during commissioning week.  I am normally working, but somehow was off this year.  One of my daughter's and her man have a boat, and invited me to tag a long, and let me tell you, I love this great big beautiful country I live in.  Seeing those jets, man...Brings tears to my eyes.
So after all the fun, it was time to settle down, and get 43 shirts embroidered.  43 left chest's, and an additional 21 with a logo on the back.  64 total stitch outs, not too shabby for a one woman team.  

Sew, I happ to report that I did indeed finish all the jobs in the allotted amount of time.  

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Embroidery, and Rehabilitation

A beautiful quilt deserves a beautiful label.  The label turned out beautiful for fellow quilt guild member Susie.  She asked me to make this label for her award winning quilt.  The Blue Jay details are so realistic.

Embroidered Label
4 weeks post TPOL surgery
My baby is recovering slowly, and that's just what the doctor ordered.  Mostly very little activity for my girl.  Leash walks out to the backyard for potty breaks, and then in her doggie play pen for the rest of the day.  Once we reach week 6 she will be able to walk two fifteen minutes walks.  Once in the am and once in the pm.  It's hard thinking that my dog ever thinks like a human (me, human) .  I have to watch her every waking moment.  She will revert to her old dog habits in the blink of an eye if I let her.  She only wants to take care of her pack, but for now her human MUST take care of her.  
Until next time, happy piecing, happy sewing,


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A quilt show and some good old fashioned inspiration

A quilt show and some beautiful quilts equal some good old fashioned inspiration.  This past Friday me and my friend Rosa headed out early to Columbia, Md for Milltown Quilters of Columbia's quilt show.  The quilts were amazing, the vendors were great, and "fellow guild member" Barbara Dahlberg's lecture, and trunk show "My Journey to Art Quilting" was full of inspiration.  Here is a link to Barbara's website.

Quilt Ikebana

Barbara's "King" 
Quilt Ikebana is a class Barbara is offering in June that I want to take.  Her "King" quilt, and "Dinner Conversation" were two of my favorites.  Barbara had a lot of beautiful art quilts, and lots of quilting tips.  I loved how she put a flange on most of her quilts.  

Dinner Conversation

T-Shirt Quilt #!
This T-Shirt quilt isn't like any t-shirt quilt I have ever seen, and I like it.  (A Lot!)  And the next t-shirt quilt is nice too.  I really like the rounded corners.

T-Shirt Quilt #2
These were just two of my favorites that really stood out in my mind for future reference.  Idea's are bubbling in my brain, hopefully I'll have a finish to show next time I blog.  

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Fun

A typical Sunday started this morning with CBS Sunday Morning.  A Sunday morning "thing" my man and I have enjoyed for many years, and during the program one of us fixes breakfast.  Today after the program we went for a bike ride.

Check out my Sugar Skull bike!

After our ride, off to DD#2's house for a baby gender reveal party.  (todays generation can not be surprised)  A Grand Baby of either sex is very exciting, and we are looking forward to another baby in the family no mater what the sex is.

Another Baby Boy!

Congratulations to my baby girl and her man.  She's having his baby.

Happy sewing, happy piecing,

Sunday, March 26, 2017

That time of year

The Southern Comforters Quilt Guild of Bowie is having their annual quilt show this weekend.

So if you're local stop by and check us out.

The Guilds Lovely Raffle Quilt is "Friends In My Garden"
by Jane McKinley and Guild members

Saturday, March 25th - 10am - 5pm & Sunday, March 26th - 11am - 4pm
Samuel Ogle Middle School
4111 Chelmont Lane - Bowie, MD 20715

Admission: $10, $1 off with canned good donation

Appraiser: Phyllis Hatcher - AQS certified quilt appraiser. Phyllis appraises new, vintage, antique and art quilts; and offers lectures and workshops.

- AtMyOwnPaceCreations
- Hoppin Bobbin - Aberdeen, MD
- Lavender Lane Farm of Maryland
- Mad Mud Studio - Bowie, MD
- Monarch Scents - Crofton, MD
- National Junior Honor Society at Samuel Ogle Middle School - Bowie, MD
- Quilting Affection Designs - Waldorf, MD
- Say it With Applique - Westminster, MD
- SESART and Design - Aberdeen, MD
- SpringWater Designs - Columbia, MD
- Superb Sharpening - Huntingtown, MD
- Sweet Pea & Roses
- The Cloth Peddler, Stephens City, VA
- The Fabric Peddler, Upper Marlboro, MD
- Undiscovered Treasures - Burke, VA
- 11:00 Misty Cole - Innovative Applique
- 12:00 Debbi Carter - T-Shirt Quilt
- 1:00 Barbara Dahlberg - Art Quilting 101
- 2:00 Charlotte Kielszek - 10 Things Your Longarm Quilter Wants You to Know
- 3:00 Pat Scully - Leaders and Enders: Never Break the Chain

- 12:00 Margy Hill - Correcting Paper Pieced Mistakes
- 1:00 Karen Todd - How School Glue Can Help with Your Quilting
- 2:00 Trish Rader - Thread Painting
Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Test Quilting

Sew I'm helping out a friend, piecing a quilt top from batiks.  She has an Etsy shop, and is offering customer's who buy a yard of fabric each month, pieces of batiks to complete a quilt top.  I agreed to piece a top for her to have a sample to show her customer's on her blog.

Pinky's Cotton Pattern

On my design wall Sunflower

I'm not sure about this, but it's what I came up with.  I think I'll add a wide 6inch border, and maybe some appliqué leaves to make it look like a sunflower.  The picture below is what I originally had on my design wall.
The pattern was looking like a question mark? 
Anyway, the pattern says "Our pattern is one example for the layout of your quilt blocks.  If you want to stray from this pattern layout and form your own placement pattern, your quilt will be fine".  So that's my Sunflower, and I hope Marcia likes what I came up with.  Until next time, happy piecing, happy sewing,

3/12/17: Adding a link to Marcia's Etsy Shop  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Raffle Quilt

Here we go!  Spending time with a friend, co-worker, and fellow quilt guild member Rosa to sell raffle tickets.  We headed out at 9:30am to Village Quilters of Catonsville.

Southern Comforters of Bowie Raffle Quilt 2017
Village Quilters of Catonsville were having member "yard sales".  Members had sewing notions, threads, fabrics, books, and other goodies.  Much control was in need for me, (blinders, please) after all, I work at a quilt shop, and I have a lot of UFO's (unfinished Objects) in my sewing room.  I'm trying to control myself, and move fabric out instead of into my sewing room!

My yard sale purchases
I did buy these two books, happy, happy dance going on here!

After selling tickets for a couple of hours, we headed to Columbia, for lunch at Jimmy Johns, and Spring Water Designs Quilt shop. Because, after all that control, I'm collecting batiks for a quilt I want to make!  (I know! LOL!)

My batiks
This is what I have so far, (purchased at the shop I work at, and Spring Water Designs)  I still need about 12-15 more pieces.  Most of these, and the one's I still need are small cuts.  Less than a yard, or a fat quarter or a fat eighth.  I will have more on this project at a later date.

Until then, happy piecing, happy sewing,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A new project and a new technique

Crosswalk Placemats and Tablerunner pattern by Laurie Shifrin Designs is my current quilt project.  Smaller is what I'm thinking so I can add some finishes to my list. I also like the technique of sewing 2 1/2in strips together, and then cutting the piece up and rearranging the pieces for a whole new look.

Tabler runner 

So here is what I have so far.  I'm not totally feeling it.  Mine don't seem as random, maybe I should have turned the pieced strips around?  Oh well, I have eight placemats with one sewn together, and seven down on my design "floor" waiting for me to sew them together.  Practice makes perfect.  One can only hope...

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Friday, February 10, 2017

Nan's Hot Therapy

A cold day deserves a hot beverage, and some hand stitching.  I'm sewing a label on this cute baby quilt.
Modern Baby Quilt
I've finally found a home for this little cutie.  My man has a friend who is a new Grandfather so I'm stitching on a label, and we will be dropping it in the mail to him today.  

Label stitching

That big mug in the picture is a Christmas 2016 gift from my adorable Grandson's.  Their names are etched in it with the year they gave it to me, and it says "Nan's Hot Therapy".  Love, love, love it.  It's perfect therapy for cold morning stitching.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quilt Magazine

I haven't bought a quilt magazine in over a year or two. So when I saw this in the grocery store, I wanted to make that wall hanging!
Better Homes and Gardens Spring 2017
The quilt shop I work at had just gotten a new fabric line that I thought would work well for this quilt.
On My Design Wall   

This is my version.  Now off to quilt it.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Taking one day at a time

Five days off?  That hasn't happened in a while.  Monday is a normal work day for me, but last Monday, 16, 2017 was switched with a co-worker so she would be able to be with her husband during his hand surgery on Friday.  So plans were made, to include cutting, sewing, and embroidery down in the dungeon, and then an afternoon drive to visit with dd#1, and all her guy's.  Her birthday was the week before, and we hadn't been able to give her her presents.

Sewing until the bobbin ran out!  Seemed like a good place to stop, and get ready for an afternoon of fun with family.  So the three of us (my man, our furry four legged baby, and I) headed up the road for some much needed Grandsons, and dear daughter time.

Truck ride with the pup
Then on Tuesday, I was able to finish these.

Ten Golf Towels

This is the second year that I embroidered towels for this event.  I've met some very nice ladies at the quilt shop that I work at, and appreciate the business that the shop sends my way.

Now the week is over, and I have been working on Bonnie Hunter's En Provence Mystery. I saved all the clues, and am only on clue #1.  I've also been working on quilting dd#2's quilt.  Taking one day at a time with my sewing/embroidery projects.  Hopefully I'll have some finishes to show soon.

Until then,
Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Now that the holiday's are over, it's just winter

"Now that the holiday's are over, it's just winter."  Statement from my man one afternoon while I was taking down the Christmas decorations.  The house is slowly getting back to normal.  I have an embroidery job or two to work on, and I'm quilting DD#2's quilt.

The Green is Always Green aka Jacob's Ladder

I wanted Celtic Knot's since "The Little Red Haired Girl" is my Irish Baby.  Fitting design for her.

Today is a snow day/sew day.  We only got an inch of snow here in my neck of the woods, but it came later in the day, and kept us home from a dinner party.  So instead of stressing over it, off to the basement I went and sewed.  Now it's dark outside, snow has stopped, but it's cold.  Fire and football, and some quiet time with my man are good for me.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

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