Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life after the Quilt Show

Well it's over, the Southern Comforter's annual quilt show.  I entered my version of Bonnie Hunters quiltville.com mystery quilt named "Roll, Roll Cotton Boll".  My quilt's name is "Roll, Roll Cotton Bowl with a Cherry on top".  Cappy a member of the guild said my quilt looked like a bowl of Sherbet with a Cherry on top, so that's where the name came from.
I also did my first Demo at the show!  Straight to the Point Contra Dance quiltwoman.com .  I was really nervous, but everyone was very supportive, and my nerve's quickly went away.  The first is a finished baby quilt, using the Contra Dance technique.
The second picture is of a Contra Dance quilt top after cutting it up, and sewing it back together. I want to put another border on this quilt top, and it also needs a name.  I love the colors, and brightness of this quilt.
 This is the layout of the straight rows sewn together.  The cut would be on the diagonal across the black 6 inch blocks.  From top right to lower left cornor, then from left to right bottom. All three sections flipped and resewn to on point.  In the picture above, the orange triangle units were the straight cutting line's from that example.  There is no sewing of rows with different numbers of blocks, setting or corner triangles.  Easy for beginners, but if your quilting style requires perfect points you probably shouldn't do this technique, since the corner points are cut off.
All in all, the whole week-end was a blast, lots of beautiful quilts to enjoy, and lots of good friends to pass the time away.  Until next time, happy quilting.

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