Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting ready for my first Trunk Show

So here it is Thursday evening and I'm watching Jimmy Fallon on TV, having just finished sewing the binding onto my little "My Lazy Daisy" banner.

MLD Banner for upcoming Trunk Show at my Guild's Show.
This banner was made with applique letter's made in my embroidery hoop.  The letters and animal print were left over fabric's from MLD Table Topper which will also be on display on MLD Trunk Show (1st Trunk Show representing MLD being held at )I also finished sewing the binding onto My Lazy Daisy Party Table Runner. My wonderful Upline Tammy Toler sent my some of her finished products to display on my table also, which I'm so thankful for.  My display (Trunk Show) will be so beautiful and I hope lots of you will make it out and check me out.  Tomorrow will be last minute preperation's and getting to the Location: 
C. Elizabeth Reig School on time. 
15542 Peach Walker Drive, Bowie, MD 20720 on time.
And Admission: $7 (bring a nonperishable food item(s)donation
to the show to donate to the Bowie Interfaith
Food Pantry and receive $1 off your admission price)

I hope to see lots of friends and family at the show this Saturday March 23rd, 2013.  It's going to be cold outside so come in and keep warm surrounded by warmth and beauty.


Friday, March 15, 2013

My Lazy Daisy Trunk Show

Well, next weekend is my guild's quilt show.  I will be there to help set up, and hang quilts.  I will also be there with my first trunk show as a My Lazy Daisy Consultant.  Very excited and nervous. This is a link to the guilds home page, there you will find the times of the show on March 23 & 24, 2013.  There is also a schedule for Demo's and a picture of our raffle quilt.  It's a beautiful show, with lots of beautiful quilts, and vendors with lots of beautiful fabric.  Please try to make it if you live in the DC/Metro area.

Southern Comforters 2011 Awards
Check out My Lazy Daisy's website you can look at the cataloge here. and then go to my website if you want to order. but you can also visit me at the show.  I would love to see you there.

So Happy Piecing and Happy St. Patrick's Day on Sunday.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today's Blog brought to you by the Color Green & the number 17

I've been blog hopping quite a bit the last couple weeks, trying to get some inspiration on how to quilt my MLD Party top.  And while reading all these blogs I ran across one that really gave me just what I was looking for. Not quilting the sandwich, but piecing related. SoScrappy Blog has a 2013 challenge to use scraps of a certain color each month.  This month is "Orange"?  I like the idea of a color challenge, but orange?  I decided to use the color "Green" for the month of March instead.  So for the past couple day's I have been using green!

Old Tobacco Road sashing.
First I added the 2 inch unfinished sashing stripe to Old Toaocco Road.  Then there are the flying geese units for the borders of Old Tobacco Road that I am using as leader enders. This is not all I have finished, but these are the ones I have finished with the "Color Green" challenge in mind.  Maybe these bright little "Geese" will make me like this quilt a little more, but I am going to donate this quilt to my Guilds "Quilt Bingo" in October.  It's been sitting around in my sewing room for way too long now.

A few green flying geese units for Old Tobacco Road. 

McCalls Quilting is giving away free quilt blocks, and guess who signed up?  You got it, me.  They've got 12 free blocks for the month of March alone.  Who could pass that up?  Not me.  So today I made my frist block.  Once again using up some stash in the color green.

Celtic Twist Block
There are others I want to do too, and I will post as I finish a block or too.  So "Today's Blog is brought to you by the color Green, & the Number 17.  The month of Saint Patrick!

Happy piecing, Sheila.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bernina 350

Well yesterday I broke down, and bought me a new sewing machine.  I got a Bernina 350 "refurbished".  Getting to know my new best friend,  and loving it today. Free motion sewing on my little Brother sewing machine (which is TOTALLY Kaput) was "less than perfect", free motion on my new Bernina 350 good.  I am by no means "an interemiated" or "good"at quilting sewer, but I am embracing the "learning curve", and will take up my local Quilt Shop's offer on new owner classes for my new to me Bernina.

Bernina 350 
Happy piecing to me, and you...


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Stom that fizzled

Yesterday as all my quilty, and non guilty friends, and family know was The snow storm that fizzled here in the DC Metro area.  Fade back to Tuesday evening...Dear Daughter & Dear Grandson's spent the night here since DSIL had to work Wednesday afternoon.  And with the coming snow storm it would be better for them to stay here since I am the "Babysitter".  We had a fun day, as usual, but the little boy was sick with a stomach flu.  Not so fun, and no sewing was happening here since he just wanted to be held.  And just what is a Nan really for?

Cutting Flying Geese Units
  So while he took a "3 Hour" nap I cut some flying geese unit's for "Old Tobacco Road" border.  Hoping this UFO will get finished soon, and maybe a donation to my guilds Quilt Bingo in October.  My main sewing machine is "kaput", so I had to go out and get a new refurbished one today.  I had to do it, cause I need to finish quilting MLD table topper to have it ready for the quilt show trunk show March 23 & 24th.  I still have plenty of time, but I am getting a little nervous.

On to the Borders Old Tobacco Road

94 Flying Geese Triangles are needed for the pieced border.  I have those units and some of the wing triangles cut and sewn.  But I got a call this morning from Dear Daughter that DSIL is now sick, so off to pick up the little boy, (once again a no sew day) and she will pick up big brother after school and come here for dinner, then home to take care of her man.  Maybe I can grab a little sewing after dinner on my new machine?  One can only hope, until then...
Happy piecing,

My Lazy Daisy website:

My Lazy Daisy March Special":

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A party and a little sewing

So Friday March 1, 2013 was party time!  My mother in law celebrated her 80th Birthday.  "My Man" and his brothers, and sisters planned and executed an excellent party. So I did not sew, last minute running around was on the agenda, and no time for sewing.  But Saturday was a new day, and...

Double Delight 
On my design was right now is another of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt called Old Tabacco Road. I think this one came out in November 2008, but I didn't start it until after Double Delight came out in November 2009. I guess I thought I was doing something making two Bonnie Hunter scrappy quilts in one year.  But now they are both UFO's hoping to become quilts sometime this year.  I decided to work on Tobacco Road frist because I like it the least of the two.  And really just want it gone. Cross your fingers!

Old Tobacco Road
So you might notice that I really didn't totaly understand the whole light/dark contrasting thing on Tobacco Road, it seems a bit mushy to me. It's been sitting around for such a long time, and when I took it out of the UFO box I knew why I didn't finish it.  I took it to retreat with me to unsew the black border I had originally put on it which I didin't like at all (and I sewed it on with a zig zag stitch!). What the heck was I thinking!  My plan is to add a green border, and then the flying geese borders and call it done. Double Delight also needs a pieced border, that my friends will "maybe" get worked on soon too.  I love Double Delight so these two can be my leader enders and hopefully get to be a quilt someday.  Concentrate, Concentrate!  

I did sew yesterday, quilting 2011 retreat mystery (almost finished), and quilting My Lazy Daisy Party Table Topper, but I pick that all out because it looked aweful.  

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