Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ok, quick!  I've been down in the basement most of the day, and I'm getting tired.  (brain tired, that is).  This is turning into quite the project for me.  I have taken blocks away, I've added some blocks, cut some blocks apart and have blocks on stand by.  I've sewn, and un-sewn, and my brain is kaput...Vacation at the beach is fast approaching!  And I'm thinking maybe I need to set this aside until I return from vacation?  Some mindless sewing is in order for the next few day's, and beach walks, and beach dreams will help me figure this one out.
What I consider the Side View
A very wise friend's advised "Remember, it doesn't have to be all symmetrical..." Why is that such a big, mighty statement for me?~
Bottom to Top, with right side cut off
Maybe I'll try to move some things around and add some of the cut up blocks I have left.  I also moved my design wall to the floor, since this was a little wider than my design wall is.  My Man doesn't like it when I stick pins in the wall.  Go figure?!  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Lazy Daisy Party with a few of my friends

At my guilds meeting tonight I was a lettle nervous, but the wonderful ladies in my guild helped to make it easy.  I did forget to tell them about the "Crazy Daisy Challenge", and I am now kicking myself.  The Challenge is this:

Crazy Daisy Challenge 
This challenge is open to anyone who buys the 4 1/2 yards of Daisy Cottage Fabric for $39.95, and then Using the fabric in the package to create something.  There are prizes, and who doesn't love prizes.

There is also Christmas in July, for every order of $50 or more in Christmas products you will receive a FREE Tinsel Toes Essential Kit.

Christmas in July

Please contact me at http://www.mylazydaisy.net/Sheila164/ I would love to help you get started on your Christmas shopping.  

Happy Piecing sewing friends, and note to self: pratice, pratice, pratice needs to be done in front of quilting friends they are the Best!


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