Friday, May 31, 2013

So where did May (also known as My Month) go?

Also known as my month because it's Mother's Day, our Anniversary, and my Birthday all rolled into the month of May which make it so.  My month has flown by way too quickly, but thats the way (Love) it goes.    The weather has been crazy this month, up one day, down the next.  But it seems to be going out with a "ROAR"!  90 degrees for the last three days of the month make it so... DSIL has a landscaping business so I have been watching the littlest Grandson during the day and then going to pick up my BFF Grandson from school, so not much sewing has been getting done around here.

View from our table at Hemmingway Restaurant Stevensville,   MD.
Mothers Day, May 12th was also "My Man and my Wedding Anniversary", so on Mother's Day, my fabulous children made a wonderful brunch for me and their father.  What's not to love about that? 

6 Day's later here come's my Birthday, and more Celebration.  (Did I mention, May is my Month?)  Dinner was made for me in my honor, complete with song and cake.  

Oh to be 25 again...

Very little quilting has been happening here I'm sad to report.  But I thought I should exit my Birthday month with what I can.  I have made it down to my sewing room a couple times and here's all I got.  

A Bingo Quilt
These quilt blocks were made by Charlotte's Mom (a fellow quilt guild/quilt bee member).  I plan to make a quilt for my guilds "quilt bingo" coming up in October.  Fun time, I'll post more at a later date.  

Sewing the Binding on a "Baby Girl Quilt"
Almost finished baby quilt for a Friend of DD's that she has know since middle school.  Completed picture to be posted later, still have some quilting to do, but I'm happy to say that the binding is on.

Petal Pusher's Kit & Freedom Party Banner Kit

This week-end I have plans to work on my "My Lazy Dasiy" Trunk Show items for my next scheduled  in home party on June 8th.  Looking forward to seeing Kathy and her friends next Saturday.  
In the mean time, happy piecing, and welcome summer.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quiting the Quilt

Today was a beautiful day here in the DC/Metro area.  Got up this morning and drove to VA to pick up my man who has been working for the last two weeks there.  He dropped off his rental car and needed a ride home.  My youngest daughter drove with me.  On the way back home we stopped off at Marchones in Wheaton Triangle for lunch, the best cold cut subs in the area.  From there we went to Sligo Creek Trail and ate our yummy subs on a picnic table in the beautiful sunshine.  Then driving home throuh Takoma Park, looking at all the neat houses, and neat little shops on main street.  I need to go back there, park the car and walk around for a better view.

Takoma Park 1883

Quilting the Quilt for about an hour before dinner makes this a really good day.  

Front of Baby Quilt

I pieced the back, and even pieced the batting.

Back of Baby Quilt

Happy Month of May, and happy piecing,


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