Friday, April 26, 2013

Putting on my dancing shoe's!

Roll out the barrel, strike up the band!   I'm putting on my dancing shoe's so I can do the happy dance!  My Old Tobacco Road top in finished!!

Old Tobacco Road

Coner's are not the same as Bonnie's
I am so excited to finally have this finished.  I started it as a mystery with Bonnie Hunter, (back in September 2008) but just wasn't feeling it until I put the flying geese unit's on.  Now it's not as bad as I thought.  It's pretty big (83" 1/2 X 100").  I will need to peice the back since I ended up using the cupcake fabric for the border, and now have a pretty big hunk of the fence fabric that I auditioned in my last post.  Thank you quiltermary over at and Mary over at you helped me see. This is a link to Old Tobacco Road if you want to try it too.
So I am off to the basement to get to work on the back.  Happy piecing to me and to you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting this Monkey off my back!

Old Tabocco Road, so close to being done!  Top row needs flying geese units and another border all around, and it's done, done, done!  Getting this Monkey off my back...

Old Tabacco Road

Then of course my next decision will be the final border's?  Any help (opinions) with this will be greatly appreciated.

Cupcake & Fence


I have to miss my guild meeting "again" tomorrow night (babysitting my two grandsons's), otherwise I would be taking my fabric's to my meeting for opinions. 

Happy piecing, and Happy Spring,


Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Kind of Saturday

So after a fun filled week with my two Grandsons I feel like I deserve my sewing room.  They (the Grandsons) went home to their house on Friday evening after dinner, followed by ice cream on the front porch.  So after they left I was down in the basement to get in some sewing time.  My man is away on business for a few days, so early Saturday I was back at it.  Happy, Happy me!

Flying geese units on the right for Tobacco Road.
Paper pieced star (circle) for guild raffle quilt.
Random leader ender units. 
Also did some cutting for more flying geese, and embroidery machine going for a customer.  Then came up for some fresh air and late morning walk with my Remy Girl.

Forsythia, and Remy
Then to top off the day, date night with my man. Metro down to Metro Center, and Warner Theatre to see Ron White.  Great show, funny guy.  After the show a late dinner here.  Yum, Yum...

Good food
Right across the street from the restaurant is Ford's Theatre and next door is the house where Lincoln died.

Ford's Theatre
House Where Lincoln Died
And down the street on the corner was the Washington Visitors Center (closed at 10:30pm).  I really wish I had taken some pictures there too they had some really pretty Cherry Blossom t-shirts in the window, but my man hate's it when I "act like a tourist".  Ha, ha, ha!  All in all a fun night.

So my kind of Saturday came to an end, today Sunday a Bridal Shower for youngest daughter's childhood friend.  So big plans for evening Sunday sewing.  

Happy piecing,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well, this week will be a washout for me as far as sewing goes.  Everyday this week I have my two beautiful Grandson's, the little one all day, and picking up the big brother after school everyday, with them and Mommy staying here at the house with us tonight, and Thursday night.  There has been and there will be more fun and adventures here at my house.  Blowing bubbles in the front yard, playing baseball in the back yard.  Going to playgrounds for a little swinging, climbing, running, and digging.  All things little boy's love to do.
A little down time before dinner
I really need to finish the one, and only paper pieced block I took to make for my Guilds 2014 raffle quilt.  It's going to be another beautiful quilt, can't wait to show you the finished quilt.

obviously it's not all sewn together, but...
I missed my "Bee" meeting tonight because I have the boy's, but I should get this done by the next guild meeting which I plan to be at.

For now, Boys rule me...

Happy piecing,


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Obsession with Tools

Try as I might, I can not make it down to my sewing room.  I wake up with good intentions, but the beautiful weather pulls at me and I find other things to do instead of sewing.  Today I once again pulled out my trusty vacuum,  and vacuumed out my car, then with the inside all clean I had to clean the outside.

Perfect day to wash the car.
I did make an attempt to sew after I washed the car, but Dear Sweet Baby Girl (Assistant Coach for an area High Scool Girls Lacrosse Team) reminded me that their next home game is at 4:00pm in another county (so I also missed tonights Guild meeting).  And with the top down, and lots of sunscreen on, I hit the road saying once again, "maybe tomorrow"!

Good Intentions, almost cut some fabric today.
I hope everyone is having as productive week as I am.  Happy Piecing,


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Tool Day

Today, again I used tools, but not the one's I'm really wanting to use (Sewing Machine, Rotary Cutter).  The weather today was beautiful again here in the DC Metro area.  So somemore spring cleaning was calling out to me.  I vacuumed, and mopped floors, and vacuumed the rugs out on the front porch and started taking some of my house plants out on the front porch where they will stay for the spring, and summer.  Our porch is an extention of our living room in the warmer months,  and I am so ready to enjoy some time out there. Mother Nature please be kind.

My trusty vacuum cleaner and plants waiting for their turn to go to the porch.
I did get a little sewing in today, between break time and dinner time.  Hope I get to sew more tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  Until then, happy peicing, and happy spring.


Monday, April 8, 2013

A Tool for my every need

Today I found myself "needing" to be outside enjoying this beautiful weather.    Finally, the weather around here for the last three days is begining to feel like spring.  My yard is a mess, and in BAD need of some cleaning!  So, after a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal, the morning news, and a little blog reading I headed for the great outdoors.

My Tools for a little yard work.
I also used a rake, and a wheelbarrow that I didn't get a picture of.  DSIL is a Landscaper, and offered to use his high powered tools, and do the work for me.  But sometimes the old fashioned way is good enough for me espsecially on a beautiful day like today. 
I didn't make it down to the dungueon (AKA my sewing room) today.  So for today I shall be "Gardening Nan".  Happy Spring.


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Well here it is April, and it feels more like February outside.  Everyone in my family has a cold, starting with the smallest grandson who gave it to us all.  The quilt show is a distant memory as is Easter.

My Lazy Daisy Display 
Here is my display at the Southern Comforters Quilt Show back in March.  I talked to a lot of nice ladies who were excited by the idea of My Lazy Daisy the first ever quilting-based home party plan company.  I had three lovely ladies who have committed to have a party for me. Who I am very thankful for.

Peek-a-Boo Table Runner
I did finish my Easter table runner in time for Easter.  It was a fun project, and very easy.  My Lazy Daisy Kits are well labled, and the directions are so easy to follow.  Great for beginner to advanced quilters. Check out my website where you can see the beautiful fabric's, and kits.  My Lazy Daisy has a lot to offer.

Today was another cold day in the DC Metro area so I stayed inside and finished an embroidey job for my neighbor.  Their daughters Birthday is coming up, and a skate party is sure to be a fun way for little girls to celebrate.  Now that I finished this job I can get busy planning for my next vendor show at the Stained Glass Pub 6751 Dorsey Rd Elkridge, MD. on Sunday, April 14th.
11 Shirts for a 9 year old
Hope to see you there.  Happy piecing, and Happy Spring.


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