Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy to report

5/16/17: Getting the job done isn't always so easy for this super procrastinator. I tell myself "I work best under pressure", but the older I get the more I don't believe my own story.  How pitiful am I?  Don't worry, I don't expect an answer.  I have some shirts I have to get finished, no more shenanigans...
Well I'm happy to report that I did indeed finish the shirts, but can't promise there weren't  any shenanigans involved.
My birthday came and went, and I did spend a weekend with our Grandson's, and this happened.

Blue Angels in Annapolis, MD
I took off a couple days in May, and one of them was the Wednesday that the Blue Angels come to the Navel Academy to preform during commissioning week.  I am normally working, but somehow was off this year.  One of my daughter's and her man have a boat, and invited me to tag a long, and let me tell you, I love this great big beautiful country I live in.  Seeing those jets, man...Brings tears to my eyes.
So after all the fun, it was time to settle down, and get 43 shirts embroidered.  43 left chest's, and an additional 21 with a logo on the back.  64 total stitch outs, not too shabby for a one woman team.  

Sew, I happ to report that I did indeed finish all the jobs in the allotted amount of time.  

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

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