Monday, November 18, 2013

Enjoying the moment.

Now that I have a part time job I seem to be getting a little better at time management.  Though today is an exception. Why? Because it's currently 70 degrees here in Maryland, and I just returned home from a 2 mile walk with my dog, and now sitting on the front porch enjoying the day.  I have things to work on down in the basement, but...Bindings could be sewn, My Lazy Daisy new trunk show items could be worked on, Christmas presents could be worked on, embroidery projects could be stitching out in the hoop as I sew, but no not now.  For now I will enjoy the moment, I'm sure there won't be many more.
My Faithful Dog always close by
Happy piecing, and happily hanging on to warm days.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mug Rugs Swap complete

So I am now an offical "part-time employee" at Tomorrows Treasures my local quilt shop.  There's a lot to learn, but I am enjoying my time there.  Lots of nice people working there and costumers too.  When I got home this evening I had an email from Anola my Canadian swap partner letting me know she received her mug rugs.  So I can now safely post picture's of what I did, and what I received.  Such a fun mug rug swap complete.  I wanted to sign up for the stocking swap, but didn't get to sign up for it in time since I started working on Tuesday, 11/5/13 which was the deadline to registrar. Oh well, maybe next year. But I do intend on doing the next mug rug swap.  I really enjoyed it.

Mug Rugs I sent to Anola
Mug Rugs, and chapstick/keychain holder, and extra blocks I sent to Anola
I loved my mug rugs, and everything I received from Anola.  She went above and beyond with my beautiful gifts.  
Mug rugs, tissue holder, note pad, calendar, insperation  magnets, and drawstring bag to hold all the goodies.
Close up of two beautiful purple Mug rugs 

Back of my Mug rugs 
Thank you Anola, I truely enjoyed a getting to know you, and love my gifts.

Happy piecing, and happy swapping,


Friday, November 1, 2013

Indian Summer

November 1, 2013, and 75 degree's here in Maryland makes it hard to go down in the basement to sew.  So instead I stayed here on the first floor of my home putting away My Lazy Daisy Trunk show that has been up since Tuesday.  I had an Open house here at my house on the 5th Wednesday of the month aka Ocotober 30th.  It was a nice time with friends and family. Thank you to my fellow bloggers Amalia over at Misty over at and Karen over at I appreciate you for all the fun, and talent you bring to my life.

Panographic photo Christmas - Easter & everything in between.

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Laundry also happened today, and the beautiful outdoors were call my name all day.  So I finally gave in, and took my dog for a walk.
View from the top of the hill
75 degree's at 5:30pm on November 1, 2013.  Beautiful evening walk with my four legged friend.  When we returned home, and sat on the porch cooling down the evening sky was so enjoyable.

Evening sky
Pink, Blue, Yellow

More evening sky
Tomorrow's promises an afternoon with my adorable Grandsons.

Happy piecing on an Indian Summer Evening.


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