Monday, November 18, 2013

Enjoying the moment.

Now that I have a part time job I seem to be getting a little better at time management.  Though today is an exception. Why? Because it's currently 70 degrees here in Maryland, and I just returned home from a 2 mile walk with my dog, and now sitting on the front porch enjoying the day.  I have things to work on down in the basement, but...Bindings could be sewn, My Lazy Daisy new trunk show items could be worked on, Christmas presents could be worked on, embroidery projects could be stitching out in the hoop as I sew, but no not now.  For now I will enjoy the moment, I'm sure there won't be many more.
My Faithful Dog always close by
Happy piecing, and happily hanging on to warm days.



Mary said...

I agree having a job outside the house makes me try and use the time I am home the most productively. Can't put things off til tomorrow.

Jane said...

Love that pic! The shadows on the porch are awesome.

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