Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas sewing and a couple sidetracks

Over the Bay Bridge, and through the towns to Rehoboth Beach we go!  Christmas shopping at Tanger Outlets with my man.
Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore, MD.
Beautiful day for a drive.
Before we got on the road, I got a little sewing done on my Mother in Laws table runner (aka a Christmas present, but I know she doesn't read blogs so it's all good).  Just one more border to sew on and it's ready to quilt and bind.
Bread and Butter table runner is a My Lazy Daiy kit that my Mother in Law really liked, but "doesn't like to Quilt", "Hine, Hint".  There are other things I am woking on, but can't show pictures.  Never know who is reading...

Tanger Coupons free to Military Members & their family members.
So as soon as we got to Rehoboth I had to go get my coupons.  Tanger give these books to Military members and family members for free, they also give them to triple A members.  Somehow today, we didn't use one coupon due to not spending enough to use the coupon, but the store did give a Military discount since we didn't spend enough.  It was a good day, shopping with my man, and getting some good deals in addition to no sales taxes in the state of Deleware.

So happy piecing, happy Christmas, and happy sidetracks for a little Christmas shopping. 


Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Table Runner Show and Tell

Well, guess what I went and did?  I entered a Christmas Table Runner into the Quilting Gallery's Christmas Table Runner Show and Tell.  Please head on over to the Quiting Gallery, and vote on my Lively and Quick Table runner # 18.  Here is a link that will take you right to the page.  You too could win by entering the weekly give-a-way now through Monday the 9th.

Lively and Quick
Happy piecing, and happy voting.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday is coming to an end

Check it out, My Lazy Daisy is having a Cyber Monday with lots of quilt kits 40% off the regular price, and $5.00 shipping on all orders.  Read about the sales here at My Lazy Daisy's Blog
Then go right to my site and shop.  Thanks for reading and lets get some Christmas quilting at some really good prices.

Happy piecing and happy Cyber shopping.


Lively & Quick Table Runner 20" x 48" (complete kit only): Regularly $54.95. Now $32.97 (SKU# 50027-C)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Enjoying the moment.

Now that I have a part time job I seem to be getting a little better at time management.  Though today is an exception. Why? Because it's currently 70 degrees here in Maryland, and I just returned home from a 2 mile walk with my dog, and now sitting on the front porch enjoying the day.  I have things to work on down in the basement, but...Bindings could be sewn, My Lazy Daisy new trunk show items could be worked on, Christmas presents could be worked on, embroidery projects could be stitching out in the hoop as I sew, but no not now.  For now I will enjoy the moment, I'm sure there won't be many more.
My Faithful Dog always close by
Happy piecing, and happily hanging on to warm days.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mug Rugs Swap complete

So I am now an offical "part-time employee" at Tomorrows Treasures my local quilt shop.  There's a lot to learn, but I am enjoying my time there.  Lots of nice people working there and costumers too.  When I got home this evening I had an email from Anola my Canadian swap partner letting me know she received her mug rugs.  So I can now safely post picture's of what I did, and what I received.  Such a fun mug rug swap complete.  I wanted to sign up for the stocking swap, but didn't get to sign up for it in time since I started working on Tuesday, 11/5/13 which was the deadline to registrar. Oh well, maybe next year. But I do intend on doing the next mug rug swap.  I really enjoyed it.

Mug Rugs I sent to Anola
Mug Rugs, and chapstick/keychain holder, and extra blocks I sent to Anola
I loved my mug rugs, and everything I received from Anola.  She went above and beyond with my beautiful gifts.  
Mug rugs, tissue holder, note pad, calendar, insperation  magnets, and drawstring bag to hold all the goodies.
Close up of two beautiful purple Mug rugs 

Back of my Mug rugs 
Thank you Anola, I truely enjoyed a getting to know you, and love my gifts.

Happy piecing, and happy swapping,


Friday, November 1, 2013

Indian Summer

November 1, 2013, and 75 degree's here in Maryland makes it hard to go down in the basement to sew.  So instead I stayed here on the first floor of my home putting away My Lazy Daisy Trunk show that has been up since Tuesday.  I had an Open house here at my house on the 5th Wednesday of the month aka Ocotober 30th.  It was a nice time with friends and family. Thank you to my fellow bloggers Amalia over at Misty over at and Karen over at I appreciate you for all the fun, and talent you bring to my life.

Panographic photo Christmas - Easter & everything in between.

Freedom Banner 30014-C $54.95 ++
Laundry also happened today, and the beautiful outdoors were call my name all day.  So I finally gave in, and took my dog for a walk.
View from the top of the hill
75 degree's at 5:30pm on November 1, 2013.  Beautiful evening walk with my four legged friend.  When we returned home, and sat on the porch cooling down the evening sky was so enjoyable.

Evening sky
Pink, Blue, Yellow

More evening sky
Tomorrow's promises an afternoon with my adorable Grandsons.

Happy piecing on an Indian Summer Evening.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Mug Rugs Mailed

Well I'm feeling a bit like our Government today, nothing like waiting until the 11th hour to mail my swap partners mug rugs to her.  Today was the deadline for mailing to Canada.  Woo, nothing like procrastinating.  But I'm done, and they are on their way,

Back of #1 with label
Back of #2 with label
After I hear that my swap partner has received them I will show the fronts.  This swap was hosted by Quilting Gallery they have a Christmas Stocking Swap coming up, check it out here. this is a fun way to meet new quilting friends, and I will be joining the stocking swap
I also worked a little on four patch units for my guilds upcoming swap in January,  and getting to know my 1952 Singer 66.  She runs like a charm.

Threaded and ready to sew baby sew!

4 patches in Greens & Lights.
So here's to swaps, I'm enjoying them. Happy piecing, and happy swapping.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Beach Vacation in Autumn

Friday afternoon driving across the bay bridge, one of Maryland's most scary bridges to travel...I just learned that fact within the last couple months.  I am not afraid to travel across the bridge, in fact I have walked across the bridge more than once in my lifetime.  I enjoy this beautiful historic bridge, and love traveling across it with my man, and to my number one sumertime, and week 40 time share destination Ocean City, Maryland.  No traffic due to the Government Shutdown...This fact is not for me to blog about.
Leaving Annapolis, heading to Ocean City
Bay Bridge view from the sunroof
I love this shot!  My "inner photographer" is showing.  Check into our Timeshare Friday, let the week begin!

The pool is open?
Someone forgot her bathing suit
The last two years it has been cool during week 40, and the pool has been closed.  The weather here has been high 70's to low 80's, sooo the pool is still open.  I didn't bring my suit!  So a walk up to Sunsation's three blocks up Costal Highway and bathing suits 50% off will "land" me in that pool or in the ocean before the week is out.  A minor side track to an Open House made an easy 2.10 mile walk on a beautiful moning a beautiful thing.

Before my solo adventure, a morning drive to Harris Teeter was in order for water, and a few essentials.  And who ever heard of "Blue Cheese Coleslaw"?  Harris Teeter that's who!  Real good stuff!  On the way home (to aka week 40 condo)...who knew that Ocean City has a Farmer Market?  Not me...and we did stop to pick up a few fresh things to add to our evening dining pleasure's.

Sweet White Corn, Cucumbers, & Tomatoes
After my morning walk, my man wanted to watch the Maryland football game, so off to Dagsboro Delaware, and Serendipity Quilt Shop.

Serendipity Quilt Shop

Back on September 15th the Redskins v. Packers.  A yard of fabric was the bet, MaryAnn's Packers beat my Redskins.  MaryAnn is a My Lazy Daisy Consultant who I have only met on Facebook, and we have a lot in common, and I am happy to send her her winnings. 

Corvette Parade on the Boardwalk

And to end the day, a parade of Corvettes on the Boardwalk.  Next Thursday the Cruisers will start to arrive.  I love week 40 at the beach.

Happy Piecing, and Happy Autumn.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just want to say

A future Braves fan
I posted this cute little baby quilt on September 22's blob post, and didn't give Kudos to the Quilter who made it.  I did not make this one, my fellow Bee member, and Quilt Guild President Pat made this one.

I haven't worked on a single thing this week, I have had fun times with my Grandson's who have moved to PA.  I am sad for me, but it's really not that far away, and me, and my man will be driving to visit them often.
Here are some highlights of the fun four days I had with them. Sunday afternoon football put on hold (the Home Team is out of town this week) for some backyard fun!
Autumn evening fun
Then Monday, and the big boy off to school, and little brother, and I (Nan) spent a fun day at the playground.  Ate our lunch there, met a same age little boy to play with, then nap during the car ride to pick up big brother from school.  A gorgeous Autumn afternoon with such warm temperatures deserves a cool treat.

Warm weather treat

Warm weather treat
Rita's is the best!

Tuesday brought another gorgeous day, and warm temperatures, and much of the same as the day before without the Rita's.  We went to Joann's where I was hoping to find fabric with Am. Bulldogs on it.  I did not find the fabric, but we did have so much fun admiring the Halloween decorations!  The bowl with the motion sensor grabbing hand, what a hoot!  Little brother was scared of it, and put on his most brave "Hulk Smash" to scare it back, and he kept wanting to go back and see it again!  Home for yummy dinner, (made by yours truly), and fruit pops on the porch waiting for Mommy to come take them to their new home.  

So today for me, I will sew at some point.  I did join Fall Mug Rug Swap, and my swap partner is from Canada.  Looking forward to getting to know her, and swap with her.  

Happy Piecing, and thank you for reading a "sad" Nan's thoughts.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

28 Hours of Retreating Fun

Quilting fun, retreating with fellow Bee Members, we are The Greatful Threads.  Live, Laugh, Love, Quilt!
Retreat Center 
Friday afternoon check in, set up, sew...West River is a beautiful retreat center where me and my fellow quilt Bee gathered to sew, and enjoy each other's company. Two night's and three days of sewing fun.  (I left Saturday night so I could go to the Redskins football game with my family on Sunday).

Morning walk around the West River neighborhood
Morning Walk with Grateful Threads
After our walk we all got to work.  Lots of finished quilt tops pieced, and even a baby quilt with fleece backing finished.
A future Braves Fan
I was able to finish piecing the Lively and Quick Table Runner, and the Webb Hill Ruffled Tea Towel.  These are items for My Lazy Daisy Trunk Show inventory.

Lively and Quick Table Runner
Blanket stitching needs to be added to the table runner before I can quilt it.  The machine I took to retreat doesn't have blanket stitch on it.

Webb Hill Ruffled Tea Towel
I also sewed the binding onto this bingo quilt.  Hand sewing it will be my TV watching activity until I hand it over to my quilt guild for the bingo being held Sunday Oct 20th.  

Bingo Quilt
This picture doesn't do it justice.  Mary over at
quilted it with leaves, and it is just beautiful.

Well it was a long fun weekend, and this quilter/blogger/football fan is good and tired.  So until next time, happy piecing.


HTTR!  Even though they did not win today, I still love my team...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Night Sewing & Football

Rain and Lighting delay for my 2nd home team Baltimore Ravens (#1 team the Washington Redskins) Thursday night football opener, playing my 2nd favorite Quarterback Peyton Manning (#1 Quarterback RGlll of the Washington Redskins)! Cooking, sewing, and football...Welcome Autumn.

Memories from the past weekend still running thru my head.
Little Man
Boating fun on the Severn River with DD 2 & her boyfriend, DD 1, and her 2 adorable sons & my man, and missing DS & DSIL. The weather was beautiful, and the company was wonderful! A wonderful end to the 2013 Summer season.  Oh how I hate to say goodbye to summer.
#1 Grandson

Heading out for a day of fun
Heading out first is the St. Mary's Catholic Church event on Spa Creek. Fun and Music, and beautiful weather couldn't ask for a better day on the water.
St. Mary's back yard view
River fun
Swimming on the river is so fun.  Not too deep, and waves only in the wake of a passing boats.
More River fun
One small problem was several jelly fish! Both daughters and one Grandson got stung by the little stingers!  Not a happy ending to a happy day!

Such a trooper
So over the weekend I didn't get too much sewing done, but did manage to finish sewing bindings, and labels onto two community quilts.
Small lap quilt
 A little progress is better than none.  I have three more community quilts to sew bindings on, and labels to sew on each.  These are a good hand sewing project to take along to my bee, and guild meetings.  Also driving from one place to another now that my man is home, and always wants to drive.  Gotta love a man who always drives!
Small lap quilt
Also finished today, My Lazy Daisy Pillow Case Dress for my trunk show, and half way finished 6 pin cushion's for hostess gifts to My Lazy Daisy Hostess'.  All in all a good week, grudgingly saying goodby to summer...

My Lazy Daisy Pillow Case Dress 
Petal Pusher Pin Cushions
A Teen size pillow case shirt & 6 Pin cushions which I give to my Hostess' just for having a party.

Autumn brings lots of Happy Piecing, and a retreat at the end of the month.  More good news to follow.


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