Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Night Sewing & Football

Rain and Lighting delay for my 2nd home team Baltimore Ravens (#1 team the Washington Redskins) Thursday night football opener, playing my 2nd favorite Quarterback Peyton Manning (#1 Quarterback RGlll of the Washington Redskins)! Cooking, sewing, and football...Welcome Autumn.

Memories from the past weekend still running thru my head.
Little Man
Boating fun on the Severn River with DD 2 & her boyfriend, DD 1, and her 2 adorable sons & my man, and missing DS & DSIL. The weather was beautiful, and the company was wonderful! A wonderful end to the 2013 Summer season.  Oh how I hate to say goodbye to summer.
#1 Grandson

Heading out for a day of fun
Heading out first is the St. Mary's Catholic Church event on Spa Creek. Fun and Music, and beautiful weather couldn't ask for a better day on the water.
St. Mary's back yard view
River fun
Swimming on the river is so fun.  Not too deep, and waves only in the wake of a passing boats.
More River fun
One small problem was several jelly fish! Both daughters and one Grandson got stung by the little stingers!  Not a happy ending to a happy day!

Such a trooper
So over the weekend I didn't get too much sewing done, but did manage to finish sewing bindings, and labels onto two community quilts.
Small lap quilt
 A little progress is better than none.  I have three more community quilts to sew bindings on, and labels to sew on each.  These are a good hand sewing project to take along to my bee, and guild meetings.  Also driving from one place to another now that my man is home, and always wants to drive.  Gotta love a man who always drives!
Small lap quilt
Also finished today, My Lazy Daisy Pillow Case Dress for my trunk show, and half way finished 6 pin cushion's for hostess gifts to My Lazy Daisy Hostess'.  All in all a good week, grudgingly saying goodby to summer...

My Lazy Daisy Pillow Case Dress 
Petal Pusher Pin Cushions
A Teen size pillow case shirt & 6 Pin cushions which I give to my Hostess' just for having a party.

Autumn brings lots of Happy Piecing, and a retreat at the end of the month.  More good news to follow.


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