Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend fun

Daughter #1 called to tell me she's starting a new job, and this weekend will be a pratice run, (but hasn't given her two week notice at the old job, shh!), and someone from work gave her 4 tickets to Hershey Park, and dear Son in Law has to work. (Darn!)  What's a "Nan" to do?  Pack a bag for her and her pound puppy, and jump in the car, and head up to PA on Friday evening.  Saturday was up and at em to the very first Flag Football practice for both boy's.  The big boy first at 9:00am, the little boy at 10:20am.  Note to Mommy "little brother take it easy".  Playing on the school playground for an hour and 15 minutes before his pratice will tire him out!  It was a long morning, but real fun, and the cool sunny morning made life grand.

Even though he's tired, he still caught the ball!  Way to go Action!
My mind isn't always functioning in the early morning hours either.  I Totally forgot to take pictures of big brother's practice.  Saturday finished out with pick up dinner from Red Robin "Yum" for me and my guys (Mommy & Daddy had an evening outing).  And movies on the comfort of the couch for me and my boy's.  Dozing always welcome.  
Sunday morning breakfast lovingly made Daughter #1, for me and those two adorable little boy's.  Packed some lunches, and off to Hershey Park.

We're here!  Hershey Park,  PA Look out Hershey, here we come!

Ready for some rides, and fun!
Comet Roller Coaster, front seat.
Even weekend fun has to come to an end...

As usual, the weekend flew by way too quick.  Quilting in my mind only for this weekend.  
Happy piecing, happy sewing,


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope in DC

What a beautiful Day to sit and watch the Pope on NBC news!  Amazing, so many people just want to be blessed and be in his presences.  The Spirtual energy is something to behold.  So heartwarming.

Happy piecing, Happy sewing,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

And the Beat goes on...

Well, here it is September 17th, and my first blog post of the month.  I've been on a bit of a roller coaster ride.  The wedding that we have been planning for almost two years is now down in the history books.
My Beautiful Baby and her Man
A beautiful day spent with family and friends.  The weather couldn't have been better, and the day was joyful, and every piece of the puzzle fell into place, seamlessly.  There was laughter, and tears, and wishes for a happily ever after.   Their future is bright.
Three days before I received a text from daughter #1 telling me to call a hospital in New Port News, VA. something has happened to my brother.  Somehow the "crafty nurses" found daughter #1 on my brother's Facebook page...too much to go into here.  My older brother passed away on August 27th, two days before this joyous day.  The emotions are overwhelming, one moment so much happiness for the wedding, and all the fun of family and friends getting together to celebrate love and happiness.  And next so much sorrow, should have, would have's and could have's.
As usual life goes on, and quilting helps me make it through the days.

Happy sewing, Happy piecing,

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