Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Beach Vacation in Autumn

Friday afternoon driving across the bay bridge, one of Maryland's most scary bridges to travel...I just learned that fact within the last couple months.  I am not afraid to travel across the bridge, in fact I have walked across the bridge more than once in my lifetime.  I enjoy this beautiful historic bridge, and love traveling across it with my man, and to my number one sumertime, and week 40 time share destination Ocean City, Maryland.  No traffic due to the Government Shutdown...This fact is not for me to blog about.
Leaving Annapolis, heading to Ocean City
Bay Bridge view from the sunroof
I love this shot!  My "inner photographer" is showing.  Check into our Timeshare Friday, let the week begin!

The pool is open?
Someone forgot her bathing suit
The last two years it has been cool during week 40, and the pool has been closed.  The weather here has been high 70's to low 80's, sooo the pool is still open.  I didn't bring my suit!  So a walk up to Sunsation's three blocks up Costal Highway and bathing suits 50% off will "land" me in that pool or in the ocean before the week is out.  A minor side track to an Open House made an easy 2.10 mile walk on a beautiful moning a beautiful thing.

Before my solo adventure, a morning drive to Harris Teeter was in order for water, and a few essentials.  And who ever heard of "Blue Cheese Coleslaw"?  Harris Teeter that's who!  Real good stuff!  On the way home (to aka week 40 condo)...who knew that Ocean City has a Farmer Market?  Not me...and we did stop to pick up a few fresh things to add to our evening dining pleasure's.

Sweet White Corn, Cucumbers, & Tomatoes
After my morning walk, my man wanted to watch the Maryland football game, so off to Dagsboro Delaware, and Serendipity Quilt Shop.

Serendipity Quilt Shop

Back on September 15th the Redskins v. Packers.  A yard of fabric was the bet, MaryAnn's Packers beat my Redskins.  MaryAnn is a My Lazy Daisy Consultant who I have only met on Facebook, and we have a lot in common, and I am happy to send her her winnings. 

Corvette Parade on the Boardwalk

And to end the day, a parade of Corvettes on the Boardwalk.  Next Thursday the Cruisers will start to arrive.  I love week 40 at the beach.

Happy Piecing, and Happy Autumn.


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Jane said...

Awesome. we went across the bridge to Kentmoor Restaurant last Thursday eve. Funny, because I took pics too, going across the bridge. Just can't help it.

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