Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well, this week will be a washout for me as far as sewing goes.  Everyday this week I have my two beautiful Grandson's, the little one all day, and picking up the big brother after school everyday, with them and Mommy staying here at the house with us tonight, and Thursday night.  There has been and there will be more fun and adventures here at my house.  Blowing bubbles in the front yard, playing baseball in the back yard.  Going to playgrounds for a little swinging, climbing, running, and digging.  All things little boy's love to do.
A little down time before dinner
I really need to finish the one, and only paper pieced block I took to make for my Guilds 2014 raffle quilt.  It's going to be another beautiful quilt, can't wait to show you the finished quilt.

obviously it's not all sewn together, but...
I missed my "Bee" meeting tonight because I have the boy's, but I should get this done by the next guild meeting which I plan to be at.

For now, Boys rule me...

Happy piecing,


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