Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Kind of Saturday

So after a fun filled week with my two Grandsons I feel like I deserve my sewing room.  They (the Grandsons) went home to their house on Friday evening after dinner, followed by ice cream on the front porch.  So after they left I was down in the basement to get in some sewing time.  My man is away on business for a few days, so early Saturday I was back at it.  Happy, Happy me!

Flying geese units on the right for Tobacco Road.
Paper pieced star (circle) for guild raffle quilt.
Random leader ender units. 
Also did some cutting for more flying geese, and embroidery machine going for a customer.  Then came up for some fresh air and late morning walk with my Remy Girl.

Forsythia, and Remy
Then to top off the day, date night with my man. Metro down to Metro Center, and Warner Theatre to see Ron White.  Great show, funny guy.  After the show a late dinner here.  Yum, Yum...

Good food
Right across the street from the restaurant is Ford's Theatre and next door is the house where Lincoln died.

Ford's Theatre
House Where Lincoln Died
And down the street on the corner was the Washington Visitors Center (closed at 10:30pm).  I really wish I had taken some pictures there too they had some really pretty Cherry Blossom t-shirts in the window, but my man hate's it when I "act like a tourist".  Ha, ha, ha!  All in all a fun night.

So my kind of Saturday came to an end, today Sunday a Bridal Shower for youngest daughter's childhood friend.  So big plans for evening Sunday sewing.  

Happy piecing,

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