Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Obsession with Tools

Try as I might, I can not make it down to my sewing room.  I wake up with good intentions, but the beautiful weather pulls at me and I find other things to do instead of sewing.  Today I once again pulled out my trusty vacuum,  and vacuumed out my car, then with the inside all clean I had to clean the outside.

Perfect day to wash the car.
I did make an attempt to sew after I washed the car, but Dear Sweet Baby Girl (Assistant Coach for an area High Scool Girls Lacrosse Team) reminded me that their next home game is at 4:00pm in another county (so I also missed tonights Guild meeting).  And with the top down, and lots of sunscreen on, I hit the road saying once again, "maybe tomorrow"!

Good Intentions, almost cut some fabric today.
I hope everyone is having as productive week as I am.  Happy Piecing,


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