Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Tool Day

Today, again I used tools, but not the one's I'm really wanting to use (Sewing Machine, Rotary Cutter).  The weather today was beautiful again here in the DC Metro area.  So somemore spring cleaning was calling out to me.  I vacuumed, and mopped floors, and vacuumed the rugs out on the front porch and started taking some of my house plants out on the front porch where they will stay for the spring, and summer.  Our porch is an extention of our living room in the warmer months,  and I am so ready to enjoy some time out there. Mother Nature please be kind.

My trusty vacuum cleaner and plants waiting for their turn to go to the porch.
I did get a little sewing in today, between break time and dinner time.  Hope I get to sew more tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  Until then, happy peicing, and happy spring.


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