Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Stom that fizzled

Yesterday as all my quilty, and non guilty friends, and family know was The snow storm that fizzled here in the DC Metro area.  Fade back to Tuesday evening...Dear Daughter & Dear Grandson's spent the night here since DSIL had to work Wednesday afternoon.  And with the coming snow storm it would be better for them to stay here since I am the "Babysitter".  We had a fun day, as usual, but the little boy was sick with a stomach flu.  Not so fun, and no sewing was happening here since he just wanted to be held.  And just what is a Nan really for?

Cutting Flying Geese Units
  So while he took a "3 Hour" nap I cut some flying geese unit's for "Old Tobacco Road" border.  Hoping this UFO will get finished soon, and maybe a donation to my guilds Quilt Bingo in October.  My main sewing machine is "kaput", so I had to go out and get a new refurbished one today.  I had to do it, cause I need to finish quilting MLD table topper to have it ready for the quilt show trunk show March 23 & 24th.  I still have plenty of time, but I am getting a little nervous.

On to the Borders Old Tobacco Road

94 Flying Geese Triangles are needed for the pieced border.  I have those units and some of the wing triangles cut and sewn.  But I got a call this morning from Dear Daughter that DSIL is now sick, so off to pick up the little boy, (once again a no sew day) and she will pick up big brother after school and come here for dinner, then home to take care of her man.  Maybe I can grab a little sewing after dinner on my new machine?  One can only hope, until then...
Happy piecing,

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QuilterMary said...

Excuse me - I know about the storm that fizzled and I've seen your Old Tobacco Road BUT ... new machine? Details - please.

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