Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today's Blog brought to you by the Color Green & the number 17

I've been blog hopping quite a bit the last couple weeks, trying to get some inspiration on how to quilt my MLD Party top.  And while reading all these blogs I ran across one that really gave me just what I was looking for. Not quilting the sandwich, but piecing related. SoScrappy Blog has a 2013 challenge to use scraps of a certain color each month.  This month is "Orange"?  I like the idea of a color challenge, but orange?  I decided to use the color "Green" for the month of March instead.  So for the past couple day's I have been using green!

Old Tobacco Road sashing.
First I added the 2 inch unfinished sashing stripe to Old Toaocco Road.  Then there are the flying geese units for the borders of Old Tobacco Road that I am using as leader enders. This is not all I have finished, but these are the ones I have finished with the "Color Green" challenge in mind.  Maybe these bright little "Geese" will make me like this quilt a little more, but I am going to donate this quilt to my Guilds "Quilt Bingo" in October.  It's been sitting around in my sewing room for way too long now.

A few green flying geese units for Old Tobacco Road. 

McCalls Quilting is giving away free quilt blocks, and guess who signed up?  You got it, me.  They've got 12 free blocks for the month of March alone.  Who could pass that up?  Not me.  So today I made my frist block.  Once again using up some stash in the color green.

Celtic Twist Block
There are others I want to do too, and I will post as I finish a block or too.  So "Today's Blog is brought to you by the color Green, & the Number 17.  The month of Saint Patrick!

Happy piecing, Sheila.

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