Saturday, July 8, 2017


How did July just slip in without a peep?  Tomorrow, July 9th starts my official "Nan duty" mode.  I will have my boy's (Grandson's) Sunday - Friday for the rest of the summer.  I took time off at work just for the summer of fun and hanging out with the two little boy's who stole my heart a loooong time ago...We are looking forward to Six Flags season tickets thanks to Biddle Biddle Heating & AC ,  NanNan's Pool, and any and all summertime fun we can find.
But before that happen's I have been planning a baby shower for the "New baby boy in our family" to our  baby girl and her man due in August.  Another Grandson for this Nan to spoil.  We have food planned, games planned, drinks planned, and lots of friends, and loved one's coming to celebrate with us next Saturday, July 15th.  I made a banner...  

Baby Shower.  Each letter is 4 inches tall
I got the appliqué designs from Pickle Pie Designs $5 Friday's each letter in the alphabet takes about 2 minutes in the hoop.  Very easy to make.  I'm very happy with the outcome. 

Hopefully I'll get some time to blog this summer, if I don't please understand "I'm having fun with what makes me "Quilting Nan", two and soon to be three little boy's, and family fun, good times, and  Happy Days...

Happy piecing, happy sewing,


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Terri Tomoff said...

Love the banner! Enjoy your boys too!!

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