Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Found Treasure from the past.

Getting down to the sewing room every evening after watching the super busy little guy is proving to be a challenge.  I'm not complaining though, the two of us have tons of fun while big brother is away at school.  But when I get home and eat dinner, sitting in front of the TV is the overwhelming feeling I get not heading down to the sewing room.  I have started quilting my 2011 retreat mystery which by the way needs a name.  Any suggestions would really be welcome.  

I'm happy with the way it is looking, and I'm hoping to have my third large 2012 quilt finished before the end of October.  In addition to sewing I have been trying to get some of my sewing room cleaned up, and more organized.  While going through a pile of fabric on the floor "A found treasure from the past"!  

Double Delight...
Another Bonnie Hunter mystery from, can it be 2008? This was my first mystery with Bonnie. It just needs one more border, backing, and binding, and then I can call it a quilt.  This will be heading to the fall retreat later this month, for sure.  I'm feeling a little better about not getting down there to sew  this evening. 
So for now I must get some rest.  Happy sewing...

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