Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Night's Alright...

Didn't get any sewing in this fine Saturday night, but did enjoy a nice simple dinner and a movie with my man here at our house.  Yesterday however I got lot's of sewing done, thanks to my man going to our High Schools football game, so I ate left overs for dinner alone.  Which is alright with me.  

Progress on Orca Bay is slow, but I love how it is looking! This is a panoramic picture from my iphone, also love this new phone feature.  My Ocean City beach vacation is coming up soon, so I'm sure more progress will happen then.  Redskins are away this sunday, (Tampa Bay here we come) so I will be in the sewing room then too, but for now hoping to stay awake long enought to watch Saturday Night Live.
Happy piecing, good night...

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