Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn is following me

Driving home from DD's on Thursday 10/18/12 I looked in my rearview mirrow to find "Autumn is following me"...

At the same time, I'm thinking I want to go home and sew, am I pooped!  Vacation is over, and did I really make it through this week?  My big boy was off from school on Friday, so DD brought the boys to my house.  No morning drive for me.  The three of us had a fun morning together. Then lunch, short wait for Pop to come home (and the little guy took a nap) from his morning meetings, then off to the Pumpkin Patch for a little Autumn fun.

The maze was fun, and beautiful weather for a hay ride.  The boys slid down the slide a million times.  (at least that's what it felt like to me and youngest DD (AKA Aunti)).

In the Maze

Hay ride

Today is Sunday and we still haven't turned our pumpkins into "Jack O' Laterns".  We are all looking forward to some roasted pumpkins seeds.

Yesterday, Saturday 10/20/12 I got some good sewing in and today took the dog for a walk. 

My floor has a "Motorcycle" quilt for the little grandson, who "Loves" Motorcycle's.  Should have the top together this week, and plan on taking the border pieces to work on this week-end at Retreat.  

This is a small baby quilt for a girl of course.  It was a charm pack that I put together a couple years ago.  I think it's about time to be a quilt.  Also taking this to retreat to work on.  Really looking forward to a quilty week-end with quilty friends.  Until then, happy piecing.


Mary said...

It is so much fun to have a little one to take to the pumpkin patch. We are hopefully a few years before we get to do that again. Such an interesting pattern you are doing for the motorcycle quilt. I don't think I've seen it before.

Quilting Nan said...

Mary, sorry I hadn't seen your comment until tonight! That motorcycle quilt was a myster quilt done by QTMysteryQuilts which is a yahoo group I joined way back when, and have gotten a few really nice patterns which are quick to put together. It's a snowball block and a cross block, I like the way it is turning out. Thanks for the comment.

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