Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vacation, Sewing, Shopping & Tattoo's

This week is flying by, I need it to slow down, and as it fly's by I'm enjoying every moment.  I've been getting some sewing done, shopping done, visiting time with a small protion of family bonding time done.  I even fit in a little tattoo time.  The weather has been beautiful, rainy, beautiful.  Rainy is fine for sewing time, and shopping time

 I'm working on a motocycle quilt for the youngest Grandson.  I need more of the background fabric, so it will be off to Wal-Mart when I get home from vacation.  

Shopping in Rehobeth Deleware Tanger Outlets.  Got me some smell good, and some clothes.

Walking on the beach is always a vacation favorite, there were a few people in the ocean today.  The tempature was around 65 degree's!  I can only imagine what the water tempature was...Too cold for me I'm sure.

This afternoon I also found time to get a tattoo.  Tomorrow me and my man would like to go look at the 3 bedroom time shares, the one we have now is just a one bedroom.  The family is growing and we feel like we need more room.  

Anyway, for now I want to get some sewing in.  Tomorrow is another day, vacation rock on!  Happy sewing...

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