Friday, October 5, 2012


So not your normal vacation time, but one of my favorite times of the year to be at the beach.  Week 40 and my sweet wonderful mother gave me her Time Share for week 40.  Thank you Mom...This week in Ocean City is either Corvette week, or Hot rod week.  It's Hot rod week this year, which is fun, and the cars riding up and down Coastal Highway are beautiful and fun to look at, (I will post pictures later) but very loud. Corvette week to me is even more fun.  All the corvette's get to drive on the boardwalk!  I enjoy both, but corvetts ROCK!  Anyway, I am on vacation, which dog to feed, no little boys to watch, just me and my man, and seven days of walking on the beach, eating, drinking, and taking it easy.  This is what we want to do tomorrow.
These cars have been here before,  I know cause this picture was taken
two years ago. 

 Anyway, happy Columbus day weekend .  More to come later, until then Happy Sewing...

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