Friday, August 21, 2015

Wedding plans

Wedding plans, wedding plans, wedding plans! That is what consumes me, and my baby girl.  We talk almost everyday.  It's such an exciting time.  Currently I am working on embroideries for said wedding. I can't post pictures yet, but I'm having sew much fun!  I can hardly believe that in one week from tomorrow they will be saying their "I do's".  And then after the wedding there will be life in my sewing room for some much needed "Sheila's Sew Time".

Sister's for Madi
 These two sister's are pinned and ready for quilting.  I have the quilting design saved on my Brother PR 1000, and can't wait to get started.  And I know my friend Mary can't wait for me to finish this and the Olaf quilt.  Both are for her adorable Grands, and I'm sure they will be loved so I need to get to work.

Olaf for Brantley

My second Olaf quilt.  He's a little different than my Grandson's.  But he is also pinned and ready for quilting.

Crabby/Personalized Apron for the Bride
This apron I made for the Bride to be for her birthday back in June, but didn't get the monogram on until last week.  Oh well, I know where she live's, and she know's how I roll.

Bingo quilt needs binding
This quilt is for my guilds annual Bingo coming up in October.  It just needs the binding.  Sew for now I will get to the last few things I have to do for the wedding.  

Until next time, happy piecing, happy sewing.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sewing before the Wedding

Summer vacation is over, and my man is back to a busy work schedule.  Wedding plans are being finalized, all final alterations have been made to the Brides dress.  Whice were sewing bra-cups into a backless dress, and sash beading complete, thank you to Designs by Nicole. what a talented lady.

The bachellorette party is this weekend, we will be doing a wine tour and stepping out on the town of Annapolis night life after the wine tour.

Before I went on vacation I wanted to finish a beach pouch, the frist was an epic fail!  Here it is, I finished it!

Beach Pouch
I'm finally down in my sewing room during the day after morning grass and garden watering, and dog walking. A high school friend saw the Olaf quilt I made for my Grandson, and asked if I would make her two for her Grandchildren.  She has a Granddaughter and Grandson, so I suggested an Olaf quil for the boy, and a Sister's quilt for the girl.  The Olaf is all cut out, just need to sew him together.  Then both will be quilted on my trusted embroidery machine.

Vacation was a blast, and I have lots of wonderful memories, but for now I'm glad to be back home and getting some sewing in before the wedding.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not so much!

Salvaging this beach pouch "not so much" that zipper is staying backwards! �� So now I'll just call this a "test"!

Never going to be a Beach Pouch! 
Second try is in the hoop now, crossing fingers I get it right this time.

Lt. Blue pouch, batting, blue polka dot is the lining fabric

Hopefully I can post a picture of the finished pouch tomorrow.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,



Have I ever mentioned that I love my embroidery machine?  Well if I haven't I DO! I really, really do! I'm obsessed with in the hoop projects, and I'm getting ready to go on vacation so I'm trying out some new ideas.  

This is an in the hoop beach pouch. It sews the zipper in and sews it together, all in the hoop.  There's just one problem I put the zipper in backwards! Oh!  After over an hour of stitching out the design.  I'm crushed!  But, I'm hopeful I can salvage it once I take it out of the hoop, and sew the back and front together by my machine.  Wish me luck.
Happy piecing, happy sewing, 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Green is Always Green

Remember this?  This was a guild swap from 2014 "The Green is alway Green".  We exchanged half square units, and four patch units to make sixteen 12 1/2 unfinished Jacob's Ladder blocks.  I put mine together, and didn't think it was going to be big enough, so I put it away thinking I would make it bigger, and give it to my daughter as a wedding gift.  That was back in April 2014, and her wedding wasn't until August 2015.  Plenty of time, right?  Not!  So here it is, out of the box, and still not big enough!

Jacob's Ladder

So since it's been raining here all day I have been down in my sewing room most of the day making more half square, and four patch unit's.  It's the perfect weather, I have no desire to leave to go to the pool, or work out in the yard.  I did take a break to watch a movie with my man, another perfect rainy day activity.

Jacob's Ladder Block 
One block down, nineteen more to go.  Also another Olaf quilt and a Sister's Quilt for a friend's Grandbabies.
Olaf Frozen

Sister's Frozen

But for now, all sewing must stop!  Off to get ready for a graduation party, it's that time of year too. I'l be sure to wear my rain gear.  

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Frozen in the Summertime

Olaf for the littlest Grandson is done!  Still needs a label, but that's just a little thing.

Snowflakes quilting
 Close up of the quilting,  ( Edge to Edge Quilting) which was done in the embroidery hoop, such a fun little quilt.

The Avengers, back of the quilt
Here's a view of the back, " The Avengers".  

I will give this quilt to the little guy the next time he comes for a visit, because I can't wait for him to see it!  So for now, I'm frozen in the summertime.

So until next time, happy piecing, happy sewing,

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Azalea's and Wisteria

I haven't been down in my sewing room much latley.  So not too much quilting has been going on around here.  A very dear friend had surgery two Tuesday's ago, and I have been sitting and watching over her.  Strong meds kept her out of it most of the time, and I've told her on several occasion's that we are going to have lots to laugh about down the road!  I have walked the dog, and the biggest thing I notice on my walks is Azalea's and Wisteria with some Iris for good measure.  Though, I didn't take any pictures of the Iris.  My Remy Girl gets going, and doesn't want to stop for photo shoots.



And in my Dear friends back yard are some beautiful pink flowers.  I think they are Philodendron?  I Love this time of year.  

Pretty Pink Flowers

This week-end is being spent with my two Grandson's.  Dinner and Ice Cream, and Happy Birthday to Nan were at Friendly's.  Tomorrow will be Breakfast buffet at Chesapeake Beach Rod N Reel.  Best Pre-Birthday celebration ever. So I'm good with not being down in the sewing room.

My two Superhero's!

Happy piecing, happy sewing,


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