Saturday, November 21, 2015

Missing Retreat

In a past life I belonged to a "B" (a Quilting Bee").  We use to meet on the opposite Wednesday's of our quilt guild meetings.  Most of the member's moved away, and we just sort of fell apart.  Well fast forward to November 2015, and a retreat was planned.  I was invited to join in all the quilty fun, but life got in the way, and I wasn't abel to get myself together to join in on the fun with my B.  And then I went back to work at the LQS, and met with old friends who were planning on retreating this weekend.

A thoughtful gesture, for retreating fun.
I immediately jumped on the "retreat" bandwagon.  But then quickly realized that 1. My house is a wreck, and 2.  Thanksgiving is this coming this Thursday.  So needless to say I will not be retreating, and probably very little sewing will be going on around here.  (sad face)

Thank you for the invite, and thank you for the sweet gift's.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Making fabric. Straight lines and angles.

Piecing scrapes, making blocks. 

Mindless sewing. 


Stuffed Elephant for Mommy to be.  

Sunday drive with the top down?  Satisfaction...

Friday, November 6, 2015

Indian Summer

The weather in Maryland has been amazing!  This is making it a little very difficult to get down in the dungeon  to sew. Walking the dog, and spending time with my man (who is home after 45 days of working down in Florida).  Me and my Remy Girl, aka our pound puppy are both over the top happy to have him home.
Afternoon walks, the "pack" is together again.
Blue Skys, and Autumn.

Can't get enough of this
Weather forecast for this coming weekend includes a chance of rain.  Sew, theres always tomorrow!  

Happy Sewing, happy piecing,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Time sure does fly

Here it is November 1st already.  Today would have been my big brothers 61st birthday.  Heading over to my other big brothers house (I am the baby of the family) to pick up a bed that use to belong to my big brother who passed away back in August.  Since it's his birthday I stopped by his and my mother's grave site.

Happy Birthday to the ultimate sports fan, Kenny Breen 
His name hasn't been added to the headstone, but we the five remaining siblings know where he, and our Mom are laid to rest.  R.I.P. birthday boy, and my sweet mother.  I miss you both so very much.

A beautiful Autumn Day to honor my loved one's

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Living in the DMV

Living in the DMV (aka Delmarva) (aka DC, MD, VA) is such a fun place to be.  Last year at this time my man was working in DC, and invited me and our youngest daughter down for dinner.  It was the Tuesday before Halloween.  After dinner we walked to the 17th Street High Heel Race, and we had a blast.  Well fast forward to today, and it's once again the Tuesday before Halloween.  My man is down in Florida working, but our baby girl and I decided that last year was so much fun that we had to go down to Washington for the 29th annual 17th Street High Heel Race.  And I'm happy to report that we were not disappointed with our decision.  I drove down, parked for $8.00 in public parking (can this qualify as a cheap date?) at 21street and M street, and then we walked up to 17th street.  Meryl Streep, Michael Jackson, Joan Crawford, Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, (just to name a few) were there too.

Michael Jackson (not sure what happened to the lighting
Michael and a neat kid watching the parade.

Meryl Streep

My best friends daughter came with us, and I'm happy that we are close enough to DC to hop in the car, and have a fun evening with very little cost.

It's nothing to do with quilting, but I did get some sewing time today before we left for the parade.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Friday, October 2, 2015

Memory Quilts

With the sudden death of my big brother this year, two days before my youngest daughter's wedding, life has been very emotional for me.  So many memories, so many tears, so many conversations.  So much to sort through, my brother's life, his accomplishments, and my relationship with my brother.  He is my big brother, I am his baby sister.  I will miss him.

My plan is to make quilts.  Quilts from his T-shirs for my brother and sisters.  Memory quilts if you will.

Five shirts, five siblings
Of course there are more shirts than these five, but I thought it appropriate that there are five shirts, and five siblings.  Cutting, planning, memory quilts.  

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Moving right along

I didn't finish this today, more like September 22, 2015

Frozen sisters Elsa and  Anna. Just need to put a label on it.  I really love the way this turned out.

The Green is Always Green
Green is always green has sashing, and I have an idea for the border in my head.

Raffle Quilt Label
Test stitch for the label for my guilds 2016 raffle quilt.  This baby took almost three hours to stitch out.

The Olaf quilt is ready for quilting.  My plan this weekend with a Nor'Easter, and hurricane Joaquin headed to my area I should get some quilting time in.  Stay safe, and dry.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

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