Saturday, April 14, 2012

Starting the weekend off right

So yesterday (Friday 13th, 2012) me and one of my quilty friends went to "And Sew it Goes". An area quilt store that is sadly going out of business.  My friend drive's (a lot) back and forth to her Greadchildren's house") far from the little town we live in, so (being the "friend" that I am) I stepped up to the plate and drove her in my little two seater convertible (that's what friend's are for) (the things I'll do for a friend!:-)  After a successful shopping trip we headed to Brunch was "Delish", and we took our time talking and enjoying being with each other. 
When I got home, there in my driveway was our Truck (hubby's and mine)...Meaning my son in law had been there while I was out, and dropped off the truck.  And the most important thing is "I missed seeing my boy's! My two Grandson's".  So my brain was spinning!  I have to see my little boy's.  So lets have a family dinner at Nan & Pop's.  Phone calls took place, a trip to Safeway, and family fun began!  
I made hamburgers with "Lipton Onion Soup", Hot Dogs, and homemade potato salad, and corn on the cob.  What a way to end a Friday 13th.  
Anticts, and happy times were soon to follow after that wonderful dinner.  
Hubby and I got up this morning and life was new in the Springtime in Maryland.  Mulch was bought by the truck load, and pollin was washed from cars.  The sun was shinning, birds were singing and flying, and it was a peacefull easy afternoon. Tonight's dinner was Meatballs, and brussel sprouts. 
  I can hardly move after that yummy dinner, but there is always tomorrow when the fullness of a meat will ware off.  One can only hope...  Anyway, happy sewing to yolu all.  Summer is on it's way...

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