Friday, April 20, 2012

A day without the boys

I slept in until 7:30 this morning.  I didn't watch my two busy Grandson's, and their four legged puppy today.  So what did I do with my day?  Sewed a little, and attempting to clean/purge my sewing room.  I say attempting because it looks like it might be an on going event.  I have accumulated quite a bit of stuff in the 13 years of living here in this house.  I've got piles all over the floor, and tabletops, and I'm trying to focus on one pile or drawer at a time.  I found a box with lots of random quilt blocks waiting to become a quilt.
These little cuties were the block of the month back in February 2009 which I won.  I love the colors it looks like a box of chocolates!  There are 16 blocks and they will finish at 9 inches.  So right now it's 36ins. X 36ins. I'm thinking it needs a couple or few borders, with maybe some pinwheel corner stones.   Hopefully this week-end that will happen since the boy's will be here bright and early tomorrow morning, and no sewing will be happening with them here.  
So it's getting late, and 6:00am will be here before I know it so happy sewing to you until next time.  

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