Thursday, April 12, 2012

Opening Day Baseball!

Sewing? Did someone say sewing?  Well no I haven't sewed at all today.  Today was the National's Opening Day Game. And DH bought tickets for he and DS, who is out of town on a conference, so I had to step in a "take one for the team".  We couldn't let that paid for ticket go to waste. Even though DBL would have gone if I hadn't been able to.  We had a great time, it was a sunny day, though cold.
Free hats were given out to the first 20,000 fans.  Yeah!  There was a fly over which I did not capture, I was so surprised (even though it was a given, being we are here in the Nation's Capital)...Marine Corp Band played America the Beautiful & the National Anthem.  Service Members pulled this beautiful flag across the field.
And to top off the day we won!  Cincinnati Reds gave it a good try, they tied it up in the 9th inning, 2 - 2, but we held them in extra inning 10 and got a run on a wild pitch!!  To win 2 - 3, what a Game!  So until next time, happy sewing.

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