Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 Welcome, and congratulations to the Washington Redskins NFC Champions!  As season ticket holders Sunday was a hugh game for the home team.  I had givin my ticket to my youngest daughter thinking it would be too cold for me to go.  Then #1 son (only son) had to work, so I ended up going to the last game of the regular season against our #1 opponent, the Dallas Cowboys...What an awsome game!  It was originally scheduled for 1:00pm kick off, but the NFL changed it to Sunday Night NBC, with kick off at 8:20PM! (ratings, ratings, ratings NBC).  And 37degress at kick off time!  Burr!!  Layers, and homemade MD crab soup, and propane heaters during tailgate time warmed us all up nicely.  Inside the stadium the energy in the crowd kept us nice and warm too (never sat down once during the whole game).  Driving home from the game after a "WIN" is the best! 

Set up 5:30PM.
Once inside, Redskins band playing "Hail to the Redskins" Panoramic view.

Before going to the game, I was determined to get some sewing in.  So close, yet so far away...

One last 3 inch row needs to be added to bottom, sashing, and pieced border needs to be added.

Going into the New Year with Orca Bay still a UFO.  I can live with it...

So until next time, Happy New Year, and happy piecing.

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sunny said...

HTTR! Really? Season ticket holder? Can I be your new BFF? Many many years ago, I got my hands on a pair of tickets, and that's the season they went on strike. WHat a huge disappointment. Glad you got to enjoy the game.

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