Monday, January 14, 2013

TGI Monday

Woo, what a weekend DH and I just had!  DD came down with the ful, DSIL is a Bartender, working at (you guessed it) night.   Two little boys haven't gotten their flu shots.  DD (AKA Mommy) did have a flu shot, (she is a mother who works in healthcare) but this flu is apparently a different strain.  So what's a Nan & Pop to do?  Go get them on Thursday night and keep them until Sunday evening.  Friday 1/11/13 was Mommy's birthday, so Sunday we made a cake, and brought it along with dinner back to their house for a little party for Mommy.  It was the perfect ending to a busy, fun filled weekend.  
Saturday night fun included movies, M&M's, and a little wine for Nan. 

We also went to the Library, and had lunch at McDonalds (eatting in the Playland area), and burning some energy in the play area.  Riding bikes, walks, in the neighborhood, and playing board games rounded out the weekend.  I even got a little sewing in on Sunday while the little guy was sleeping, can't get any better than that.  Orca Bay is soooo close to being finished, completed picture to follow soon.

So in ending "Thank Goodness It's Monday) and happy stitching to all of us!

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