Friday, August 19, 2016

Like a Glove

Well it's done.
Second Station Cover "like a glove"
Second Station Uncovered
Back on July 20th, I started cutting out the pieces for a test pattern for this cover.  I finished sewing it yesterday and dear son in law says it fits like a glove.  That makes me happy.  Sewing was a little difficult on this waterproof fabric, but the most difficult part of it was the waterproof thread.  My machine wasn't a fan, but she got it done with some tension adjustments, and slow stitching.  I now have to finish the seat cover. (also with the waterproof fabric, and thread.)  It's just a baby sheet pattern I used to make it, and just needs the elastic corners adjusted.

Seat Cover

Hopefully this too will fit like a glove.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,


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