Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meet Rubble

This is Rubble, the Bulldog.  Grandson #2 "talked" me into buying him for him one day earlier this year.  The local quilt shop that I work at is where we bought Rubble,  so there was an employee discount too. We have had several get togethers, and planned to stitch his favorite stuffed animal's name on his belly, and each time other things have come up, and the opportunity was lost.  Fast forward to week 30, and family vacation.  Of course Rubble came along, and when we got home to Nan's house, and one last weekend to spend with my boy's was the perfect time to get down to the sewing room.  Rubble has a heart, and his name, and a very happy little boy.  It don't get better than that.  
Happy piecing, happy sewing in the Summertime,


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