Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm getting things done today

Today I finally made it down to my sewing room.  The intention was to finish the "Baby Girl" quilt, and find the pattern for a table topper that I have made a couple times in the past.  Where oh where has my little pattern gone, oh, where oh where can it be?  So while the embroidery machine was quilting away, I was looking, looking for the pattern. It's now after 6PM, and said pattern is still missing.

Quilting in the Hoop (I love your Brother Embroiderey)
So while I was searching for that pattern, I found some orphan blocks.  I'm not even sure when these were made.  Now I  have to find the magazine I found this pattern in... 

Orphan Blocks unearthed...
So back to the old sewing machine, and a little mindless sewing while the quilt is being quilted.  Dinner, lovingly perpared by my man while sewing and searching for patterns.  I complete 6 strip peiced blocks, and quilting on the "Baby Mallory" quilt.  

Found Orphan Blocks, and 6 strip blocks on the left.
Baby Mallory Quilt
Close up of quilting (mostly done in the hoop).
So now dinner is complete, watching National's in the top of the 11th.  Minnesota just got a run 4-3 with 2 outs.  LETS GO NAT'S!!!

Happy piecing as much as you can, (Now that Summertime is here). 


MK Kerr said...

It's the pits when you can't find the pattern! It will show up when you finally stop looking for it.

Mary said...

Lost patterns not, lost fabrics yes. Spent two days looking for a solid purple I know I had. Found it on the floor behind a cabinet. How it wiggled there I can't imagine.

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