Friday, August 17, 2012

Sports & Camp Quilting

Ok so here is some beginning stages of the backing for my step mothers quilt. (yes I am a glutton for punishment). Why don't I just go buy some 108 inch fabric & be done with it? Because, there is still unused fabric that was her clothing. My step mother passed in 2009 , my Dad in 2010. They both loved sports. My Dad (Loved) the Giants (football), my step sister always wondered, how "Johnny" (my dad) could have a child that is a "Redskins" fan? (Me) seeing how she is married to a Dallas fan! I guess that may have been where "all in the Family"came from. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!
The six top square's are for "Orca Bay, for me just red, white, and blue for U.S.A.!  Which someday will make it into a future blog.

The bottom two large rows are pieces from Lucille's clothing and that "awful" "Giants" fabric in the bottom row is a handkerchief that was in my Dad's clothing.  He also had at leat 20 Yankees T- Shirts that  need to get OUT of my house,  My carma needs "Redskins" fabric under this roof.  Hey, to each his own.  I'm a Fan for life to the team I love, I will never begrudge a man or woman for the team they choose to cheer for.  Don't begrudge me for mine...

Anyway,  tomorrow is Friday, and Grandson #1 will be spending the weekend with Daddy, they are going camping, and Grandson #2 will be here.  
PS, I typed this post on my cell phone, first time I have done that.  I'm not sure how some of that got in there!  Oh well, better take my Mac downstairs with me always.

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