Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sewing on the Fly!

Evening sewing now that my two buddies are safe at home with Mommy & Daddy.  Today not only did I have my Grandson's but I had their 1 year old Chocolate Lab "Mac" and my 3 year old American Bull Dog "Remy".  A full busy day was had by all, so I'm happy to report that I am down in my sewing room running some steps 5, 6 & 7 of Orca Bay threw the "my little brother" aka my sewing machine.  Husbands away on business so I have no one reminding  me of the time.  This is a good and bad thing, since no one's here to remind me to come to bed can turn into a bit of grumbling (totally on my part, never directed at the boy's) tomorrow morning when the boys do get here, but it's all good since I can always take a nap with them if I want to. (;-)Smile;-))

Orca Bay progress, I need to get a bigger "design floor"for this baby! There should be one more white background star block, and another row of the blue stripes on the far right of  this first row.  The block on the second row, first left is totally pieced wrong!! I'm not picking it out right now, I'm hopping I have extra unit's and can put this lone block to use somewhere else.  The units are the progress for tonight, but after a busy afternoon with the boy's I'm finding I really can't stay down in my sewing room as long as I imagined I might.  Old Mr. Sandman is throwing sand in my eyes!  I didn't take a picture, but I did a lot of cutting tonight too, and some big pieces for my Step Mother's memory quilt backing. I am loving the way Orca Bay is turnig out and I don't even have a full row together...
I feel like I'm "Sewing on the Fly" everyday that passes me by, but at least a little sewing in better than nothing.

Happy Sewing!


QuilterMary said...

WOW - looking great. Love the colors

Quilting Nan said...

Thanks Mary, that means a lot coming from you.

Mary said...

Orca is beautiful when the pieces start to assemble into blocks but frustrating to have to rip out, hope you can slide it in some where unnoticed

terri said...

I like it too!!

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