Monday, May 21, 2012

A weekend to remember

A beautiful weekend has been, and is now gone.  Starting with Friday, May 18th my Birthday.  I had my little boy's and their chocolate lab starting bright and early at 6:45am.  It was a warm sunny day and we took advantage of ever moment of the day.  Mommy got home right around 5pm and gathered up the baby and the dog.  Nicholas watched some Scooby Doo on demand, while I "cleaned up."  Then he and I hit the highway in my little convertable with the (as Nicholas say's) "with the roof down"!  We were the two "Birthday Kids" out enjoying the weather.  Monika fixed dinner, we put up Nicholas' hot wheel track and played with that, Jackson took a bath, Daddy went out for a little while, and came home so me and my Sunshine could go out for a "Birthday" drink.  Laugh's and tears were shared between us, and it was a "nice" evening.  Saturday was spent with me doing pretty much of nothing, my son came by to bring me a present and we chilled out on the back deck talking and enjoying each other's company.  Around 4pm my man came home to spend a little time with me.  He is "working/staying" in VA working, but was able to take a littel time to pamper me.  Today was much like yesterday, but Nicholas had some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, so I drove over to visit with them and then we went to Target for some toy that Nicholas really needs.  After that dinner at Nautilas Dinner in Crofton.  Now watching Chopped, listening to a gentel rain out side.  I did get some sewing in today too, so I have to say I have nothing to complain about this wonderful weekend.

Some string blocks for "Orca Bay" before squaring up.

String blocks after squaring up to 5.5 inches.  I finished 25 of the 64 blocks needed for the quilt.

I also finished some of step 6 of the Orca bay mystery during my little time spent down in the basement.  Hopefully soon I will have some blocks put togeter to show off.  Until then happy sewing...

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