Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quilting on the side

Yesterday, Friday the 13th me and Hubby had our two Grandson's spend the night with us.  So, Mommy & Daddy could have a little together time.  During naptimes I grabbed a little sewing time, didn't get much done, but feel good with the stolen moments at my machine.  The boy's keep us super busy with non-stop action, lots of wii, and kids movies.  The boy's and I are waitting for warmer weather, plans were made today for future outings.  My quilt guild had a sewing day today at our local library that I had planned on going to, but alsa that didn't happen since the boys were here most of the afternoon.  I wanted to get the back for "Roll, Roll, Cotton Bowl finished or close to finished.  Oh well there is always tomorrow.  Wish me luck, and "Happy piecing to you all"!

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