Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Motocycle Rider that Loved Football

A Motorcycle Rider that Loved Football

A Motorcycle Rider that Loved Football, that would be my big brother.  He loved all things sports (Football, Baseball (A die hard New York Yankees fan even though he grew up in Maryland), Hockey, Basketball), and his Honda Goldwing Touring Motorcycle.  He had lots of shirts, and miles riden on his Goldwing.  The most attendance at Rallys "Winterthings" Ocean City Maryland, "Wingdings", the most miles ridden, most chapter visit's.  You name it, they would say, "oh yeah, that was Ken".  He didn't miss a chance to ride his motocycle.  How I miss my big brother...
Shirts, most of them, and this is just the five main ones for the "five sibblings" quilts, are ready to be stitched into memorie quilts for me and my sisters, and brother.  I hope to do my dear brother proud...

Happy piceing, happy sewing,

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Jane said...

That will be wonderful. I look forward t hearing how they turn out.

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