Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quilt layout

My current project is this Bingo quilt top that will be a prize at my guilds "Quilt Bingo" coming up in October.   The nice ladies in the Southern Comforters of Bowie put together this kit with all the fabric's, and the pattern.  All I had to do was cut it out, and sew it together.   I have all the units, and there are two layouts.  Please help me decide on the best layout.  Layout 1, or layout 2?  That is the question.
Layout #1

Layout #2
I'm leaning towards layout one. I will have this top finished to take to the guild meeting next Wednesday the 22nd.

So until next time, happy piecing, happy sewing.


Misty said...

I like the second. It draws me into the center.

Jane said...

Hi Sheila, I'm new to quilting, VERY new. I can't see the difference between the two views. Both are beautiful.

Quilting Nan said...

That’s ok Jane, you’re not the only one who couldn’t see the difference. And apparently even people who have quilted before can’t see the difference. Layout one, the dark squares form a double X going into the center, layout two, the dark squares form an O around the center square. But maybe I shouldn't worry about it, I think either way will be fine. Thank you for commenting.


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