Sunday, March 1, 2015


 So I'm work on a ring bearers pillow.  I haven't thought about a wedding since 2003 when my beautiful first born daughter got married. Now my baby girl is planning a wedding in August 2015, but that is not the reason for this post.   A couple of weeks ago I meet a nice lady who is getting married in March.  I have made wedding accessories in my past life, and I mentioned this to said nice lady, and low and behold she wants me to make a few things for her.  Ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, and Clergy Stole (which I have never made).  Pintrest is such a great sorce for anything you can think of. 

So here is the pillow.  I love how it turned out.  I hope she likes it.  The basket is coming along.  
The Clergy Stole's are well on the way to being finished. has an awesome free project for a Clergy stole.  I plan to get them all done by next weekend. Since I also need to finish my quilt show entry.  More pictures when all is finished.  
Till then, Happy Piecing, Happy Sewing, 

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