Sunday, February 8, 2015

Half a Week-end with my boys

This past Friday my man, who had been out of town working all week was scheduled to come home.  And daughter #1 was going to a concert with her man, and needed me to keep her two little boy's for the evening.  So for almost 24 hours I got to spend some time with all my boys, minus my son since he is an adult who dosen't live here.   We sang songs, played games, talked, and watched a little TV.

Last month was daughter #1's Birthday and I made her 3 infinity scarf's, then this little guy said he needs a scarf too.
Wearing Mommy's infinity scarf on a cold day
So with this image in mind, off to Joann's I went, and a yard of Olaf fleece was purchased. So here is what I made for both boy's

Olaf Scarf
They like their scarfs.
Testing out the scarf's, little bunny ears for big brother

A perfect fit
The two little boy's went home on Satruday evening.  And today Sunday was a quiet afternoon with my man and our dog.  We went for a nice 4.25 mile walk which we haven't done with all the cold weather, and him working so much.

I finished up the I Spy Quilt, just need to put a label on it, and will take it to it's owner later this coming week.  I will try to post pictures, in the mean time...

Happy piecing, happing quilting,


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