Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's not a quilt.

I finished the most adorable little onesie today.  The pattern is called "Taylor",  and it's made by Children's Corner, and come's in sizes 3 month's to 24 month's all in one pattern.  I haven't sewn clothing in years.  It was really fun, and I think I might make more in the very near future.  Our dear friend's are expecting their first Grandchild, a girl, and working at Tomorrow's Treasures, and seeing the adorable little dresses that the Owner Vickie has been making recently got me in the mood to attempt this little cutie.  Piping was the hardest part, though I did have other issue's along my journey.

Who am I kidding, piping ain't easy!

What was I thinking?
I started this on Sunday, aka: Mothers Day.  I wanted to have it finished today so that I could take it to my guild meeting this evening for "show and tell".  The whole time I was working on it I thought to myself that "this is a test".  But now that it's finished I think it's good enough for the new family member.  My next big project is making a little label for it, "made by: Me".
Piping on.  Looking pretty good.
Oops!  My iron was just a little too hot
Once I got the piping sewn to the tiny garment, I was feeling pretty confident.  Then came the time to press the seams open on the lining fabric, and oops...too hot an iron.  Oh no...Well, lucky me I had to go to work Monday morning, and I got new lining fabric, so no harm done.

Oh my goodness it's coming together!
Then the next hurdle...Buttonholes...I haven't done a buttonhole in a very long time, and defiantly not on my new to me Bernina 350 Patchwork addition.  Once I figured it out, and did one buttonhole, that wonderful little sewing machine remembered the buttonhole and did it again.   I was all over happy and singing the Happy song this afternoon.

I did it, I figured out how to make a buttonhole.  Yeah Me!  
After all that drama, which I am not a fan of, I did get the tiny little onesie finished with time on my hands so I made some Mac and cheese for my guilds Anniversay pot luck dinner tonight.   I hope it's well received from the Mommy to be, and I hope to make one more along with a minky quilt both finished by this Saturday, May 17th.  

Finished onesie.  Amen!

Here's to "Happy" sewing, piecing, crafting, piecing.  Man I'm feeling pretty proud of this little outfit.


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