Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oh, what a weekend!

Life after our vacation is slowly getting back to normal. But this past weekend was just a few summertime must have's.  Summertime gose hand in hand with County Fairs, and in Maryland eating Crabs, and summer 2013 is no different as far as I can tell. My weekend started mid morning on Saturday 8/10/13 when I had to get out of the house (no walk for my, ("in training"American Bulldog),

My beautiful pound puppy! Love, Love, Love!
to head out to meet my daughter and my two most handsome Grandson's for a day at the fair.  Stinky Pigs and Cows, Corn dogs, and bottled water, and did I mention rides?  That was the way we rolled that day! I'm sure I would have more picture's execpt I had no back-up. DD was working at a 31 Vendor booth, so the day was on me and my babies.

Saying "Hello"

Helicopter Ride, round & round!

Front seat passenger on the Helicopter Ride!

After the fair, it was homeward bound for me so I could get ready for a get together with my fabulous friends from High School.  We had been planning this get together since May, and I was really looking forward to it.  When I arrived home I lay down on the bed and fell asleep for a quick 15 minute cat nap (which made me a tad bit late to the gathering!). And then a drive right back out to "very close" to the Fair Grounds I had just spent the better part of the day to meet my "Girlfriends".  Delicious Maryland Steamed Crabs, Beer, Friends, talk, and lots of laughs.
Wheaton Rocks!
One guy friend "crashed" our little get together!  But we didn't mind, much love to the good old day's , and new memories for the future generations.  

Happy piecing,

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