Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday Celebrations...

August 16, 2013:  Summer is winding down...Birthday Celebration's and did I mention, summer winding down? (Sigh)  School for a certain first grader soon to start, and a promised boat ride on the Bay.  Beautiful, unseasonable weather (cooler tempture's) has been here on the East Coast for the past week.  Birthday celebrations, hard one day, FUN the next.

Happy Birthday to Mom!
Happy Birthday to 2nd Grandson
August 18, 2013: The unseasonable weather kept us off the boat ride on the Bay today.  Oh well, summer is coming back Wednesday, they say (please let the weatherman be right)! So lunch with 3 of my favorite people DD, and 2 Adorable Grandsons, and then back to the Mall to exchange some too large pants.  Rainy day so everyone and their Mother were in the Mall = do what we need to do and get out!
On the drive home from the Mall I stopped to take a few photo's of the Sunflowers growing next to the corn fields, and pig farms at USDA.  A cloudy day still can't spoil a late summer Sunflower...

Red, the color of Love.

What's not to love about a Red Sun?
Overcast day, but sunny sunflowers


Thank you USDA for planting Sunflowers next to the road

Where does the summer go?


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