Saturday, July 16, 2016

Safe and sound

A boo boo on this baby hurt me way more than it should have, but what can I say?  This little Gem has been in my garage for 10 years, and when we drove her off the lot in Gaithersburg she had 3 miles on her odometer.  Now 10 years later she has a little less than 45 thousand miles on her.  

What a surprise!  To come home after work yesterday evening, to find my pride safely in the garage all fixed up and like new. My man sent me out to get garlic bread out of the fridge in the garage.  Happy squeal,  and forgotten garlic bread when I saw my baby home safe and sound.

Home again, Naturally 
As good as new
So happy to drive her to work today.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

1 comment:

Ann Bailey said...

nice....glad you weren't hurt, too!


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